Last year, Whole Foods Market launched vegan macaroni and cheese at hot bars in 55 locations in the Pacific Southwest region. The plant-based dish was a result of the company’s partnership with Chef Ayindé Howell, a trained chef and creator of Mac & Yease. Now, the company has added the option to hot bars in […]
Ruby Rose Langenheim (Ruby Rose), a vegan Australian actress and model, recently posted an InstaStory to feature the plant-based products in her fridge. The celebrity, known in the media for her work on “Australia’s Next Top Model,” “MTV,” and “Orange is the New Black,” is also well established in the vegan scene, earning PETA’s Sexiest […]
Completely vegan vending machines are popping up in Bristol, launched by UK-based company Vegan Vend. The installation of the new vending machines — named Violet and Daisy — follows on from a successful Kickstarter campaign launched by the plant-based company last year. Besides being completely vegan, Violet and Daisy are not typical vending machines filled […]
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is known for his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Studios film series. He has brought this popular comic book character to life in a number of Marvel films, maintaining his chiseled muscles and elite fitness throughout the years. How does he keep up his Marvelous-ous muscles? He went vegan. Last […]
Chef Matthew Kenney has been at the helm of the plant-based movement for more than a decade. From his former New York outfits Plant Food & Wine and The Plant to his now-global reach with vegan restaurants and even a vegan hotel, the chef is at the forefront of making plants celebrities in their own […]
Wine and food pairings are a social staple, but what about other alcohol? Like wine, each variety of alcohol comes with distinct flavors that can elevate the dining experience when paired with the right food. When the night calls for whiskey, we’ve got you covered. Whether you enjoy the burn and drink it neat, or […]
Think of one of the most basic foods you eat every day. Now, imagine if you discovered a group of people who never ate that specific food. You’d likely be shocked and confused, and perhaps a bit curious and offended as well. When approached with the idea of a vegan or vegetarian diet, omnivores have […]
Tofurky, one of the original commercial vegan meat companies, is about to reach a major milestone in its decades-long history. The “hippie” driven company proudly announced that it is on track to sell 5 million Tofurky Vegan Holiday Roasts by Thanksgiving of this year since the product’s debut in 1995. Seth Tibbet, self-proclaimed “naturalist/hippie” launched […]
The next best thing to trick-or-treating is throwing (or attending) a Halloween party. Host the ultimate monster mash-bash by preparing a full spread of holiday-themed vegan party food, or become the favorite guest and bring along a devilishly good appetizer or frightfully fun dessert to share. Check out these 9 vegan Halloween recipes for some inspiration! […]
Ready to throw an epic vegan Halloween party? Get ready to give your guests a frightfully good time without harming animals or the environment. Follow these 7 party planning tips, and even the trick-or-treaters will want to abandon their candy sacks and join the fun. 7 Tips For A Frightfully Fun Vegan Halloween Party 1. […]
“Got Milk?” If you were a child or parent of the 90s, this tagline was plastered into your consciousness. From television ads to billboards, the simplistic question carried with it a mass of accepted and unquestioned “truths,” such as milk builds strong bones, milk contains essential nutrients, successful athletes drink milk, and the list goes […]
Ever had that moment when you eat something and realize later on it’s not vegan? It happens to all of us. Unless you cook virtually everything you eat from scratch (including pasta and condiments), you’re going to have to navigate some product labels or ask a few questions at a restaurant. Although vegan products are […]
Green Giant Fresh, a California-based company specializing in packaged produce, has launched its first line of vegan-friendly microwaveable meal bowls. The six new meal bowls, called Green Giant Fresh Vegetable Meal Bowls, are the first line of complete entrees for the company. Each consist of either the Cauliflower Crumbles or Veggie Spirals, additional vegetables, a […]
Makeup is often an afterthought when planning for Halloween; however, those in the beauty industry believe cosmetics can inspire the costume. Vegan and cruelty-free beauty icon Kat Von D Beauty and the artistic team have created three ghoulishly gorgeous looks that are absolutely stunning. Dress up as The Queen of Hearts, Mother Nature, or a Skeleton […]
Ah, that satisfying crack of the spine as you open up a fresh new cookbook. We’ve perused over the glossy pages of the most outstanding vegan cookbooks coming out this season, and we’re excited to share our favorites with you. Get the post-Its out and make sure your cupboards are well stocked. Here are the […]
The “Great British Bake Off,” a hit baking competition show in the UK that has gained an international fan base, hosted its first vegan challenge this evening. Coined “Vegan Week,” the six remaining contestants were tasked with creating confections without eggs, milk, butter, or honey. For this special episode, the bakers were greeted by a […]

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