Vivera, producers of the popular vegan steak and other plant-based meat products, is taking on the quarter pounder. The new vegan “Veggie Quarter Pounder” burgers will be available in select Sainsbury’s beginning on October 6. According to Food Ingredient First, Vivera is Europe’s fastest-growing vegan meat company. Its range is extensive – from plant-based fish […]
A handful of international fast-food chains have been trialing vegan options in New Zealand locations recently, and Burger King may be next to hit the plant-based headlines. In a Facebook exchange between a vegan New Zealander and Burger King New Zealand, the company promised it is working on a vegan burger. The short digital conversation […]
People Magazine just posted a massive roundup of the most popular breakfasts in every US state (including Washington, D.C.). Amongst the pancakes, egg dishes, and beignets of other states, the chickpea scramble scored the top spot for Iowa. Des Moines’ La Mie Bakery was credited for the state’s most popular breakfast dish – a simple […]
Updated March 2020. A Dutch-based food tech startup called Meatable promises to deliver the most affordable and least invasive lab-grown meat yet. The company has developed technology to completely eliminate the need for removing tissue from animals. Thus paving the way for clean, cruelty-free, slaughter-free, and lab-grown meat. “Clean,” “cell-based,” or “lab-grown” meat is an […]
The Vegetarian Butcher, a vegan meat company based in the Netherlands, has partnered with a major meat brand to extend its plant-based offerings to the masses. The startup hopes to leverage Mora’s nationwide recognition to make vegetarian food even more accessible and familiar. Mora is one of Dutch food manufacturer Van Geloven’s most popular brands. […]
Vegan and vegetarian food has become increasingly popular in North America, the UK, and Australia, but the trend is also beginning to take root in smaller European countries. According to data compiled by the country’s largest food ordering company, Foodpanda, vegetarian food orders have risen by 800 percent in Romania in the past year. Romania’s […]
A new study has linked whole foods and vegan diets with healthy cellular aging in women. The state of one’s cells is critical, according to research, as healthy cells help to ward off chronic disease. The study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan School […]
Stock, a farm-to-table restaurant located in a Seattle suburb, has undergone a complete renovation. Chef and co-founder Chris Blanco has transformed his omnivore concept into a completely vegan fast-casual eatery, now called Papas Hot Potatoes. True to its name, which literally translates to Potatoes Hot Potatoes, the new menu celebrates the humble and often overlooked […]
Since the age of industrialization, the international food market has been molded by a top-down approach. However, the growing emergence of start-up companies, particularly in the plant-based sector, is shifting consumer habits at a grassroots level. French food market organizations say innovative vegan start-ups are paving the way for the increased popularity of vegetable-based protein. […]
London is celebrating vegan wine. The city will host its first vegan “Winefulness” event this October, combining the concepts of vegan wine appreciation and mindfulness. The event is co-hosted by Emma Roberts of Eviva Communications, a wine PR agency, and mindfulness trainer Andy Hix of Wellbeing Capital Partners. The companies believe that mindfulness can be […]
“I would be vegan, but what am I supposed to do for the holidays?” Although plant-based options have become increasingly more popular in recent years, from the emergence of almond milk and incredibly realistic meat alternatives, the holiday season remains a point of internal conflict for many considering a full transition to the vegan diet. […]
South Korea has put an end to a cruel yet common test on animals. The country has officially prohibited long-term pesticide toxicity tests on beagles, joining the growing list of nations that have also outlawed the practice. The historic decision was prompted by international pressures, as other major countries like the United States, Japan, European […]