This beauty is our vegan Caesar salad – not something you’d normally see as a plant-based option, but we’re really pleased with how it’s come out and the dressing tastes like the real deal. We’ve used a cashew base, along with nutritional yeast, lemon, and mustard, then to replace the anchovies we’ve used capers to […]
We first had a makhani years ago when we were vegetarian and traveling in Prague – we went to a great vegetarian and vegan restaurant that had it on as a special. It was such a delicious dish that years later we still thought about it every so often, and eventually decided that we needed […]
Tantan ramen is a Chinese-Japanese fusion noodle dish that incorporates a creamy sesame flavor with the heat of chilies – a match made in heaven! We absolutely love a big, comforting bowl of ramen and when we stumbled across tantan, we just had to create our own version. We’ve kept this one as traditional as […]
Feel like a takeaway but want to save money? Then these vegan Singapore noodles have got your back. All you need is loads of vegetables! We’ve picked baby corn, red peppers, spring onions and sugar snap peas, but it would work with a whole host of vegetables. We love takeaway food but also like to […]
This is our sweet potato tortilla – a simple and healthier version of the egg-filled original. In the UK this dish is called a Spanish Omelette so it can be a bit confusing when you’re looking online to find a great vegan alternative, but you’ve come to the right place, this sweet potato tortilla is […]
Vegan cheeseburger pasta bake may sound mental, like, did they confuse their words when writing this one out? No. Have they lost their minds? Maybe…you’ll have to try this one to decide for yourselves. We think it’s an excellent combination and while it may not be the healthiest recipe we’ve ever created (we did chuck […]
Vodka is vegan! It’s good for cooking as well as drinking – as you’ll see when you try this vegan pasta alla vodka. Our version uses a homemade cashew cream instead of the usual heavy dairy cream, and it’s so easy to find vegan parmesan and butter these days, so this dish doesn’t miss a […]
This vegan waffle recipe is banging! We’re so proud of this recipe, even though it’s so simple. We did a lot of research into how to make the perfect fluffy vegan waffle, and we think we’ve cracked it – in less than seven ingredients, too! All you need is a waffle maker. Finally, there’s a […]
Vegetable fajitas have always been Jess’s favourite Mexican meal, even before going vegan. We’d never serve them with cheese or anything creamy anyway, so our vegetable fajitas tended to be an ‘accidentally’ vegan meal! We love mixing in some  sriracha for a spicy vegan kick and adding guacamole to balance things out. It may not be strictly […]
We love vegan naan! We created a recipe a little while back for simple vegan mini naans, (you can find that here) but we’ve been working to improve that recipe, and here it is, the finished product! This version uses coconut yogurt and fast action yeast to get a good rise. The dough is then left […]