2018 is behind us, and whether you miss it or not, this vegan chocolate bread is the energy I’m all about in 2019. Regular bread simply isn’t up to par any more. Don’t get me wrong, I love toast. But when you’ve tasted a chocolate bread without dairy products like this, life gets better. I […]
My sweet tooth and I are so grateful that these days, the vegan baking world is so rich and plentiful that you can literally find a substitute for almost anything. Butter, eggs, cream, milk, honey… I could go on! One of the bakes I missed the most from my omni life is the roulade. It’s […]
Here I bring you one of the easiest tastiest fanciest looking pastries. I absolutely love these! they are so easy to make and people are always so impressed with them. Heck, I impress myself with them. They normally require a special cone-shaped mold, but you can totally hack this by shaping some aluminium foil into […]