A simple but sophisticated pâté that highlights the earthiness of fresh and dried mushrooms, complemented by the delicate flavors of thyme and parsley. Serve with vegetables or crackers, or in a sandwich wrap with whole-grain flatbread. Vegan Porcini Pate Recipe from the whole foods cookbook December 19, 2018 by Whole Foods Category Food Recipes Persons 4 […]
This Indian-inspired recipe is one of John Mackey’s favorites. It is quite simple to make, but it takes a lot of fresh spinach (saag) to get the right texture and flavor. Tofu substitutes well for the paneer cheese used in traditional recipes, as it has a similar texture and mild flavor. Recipe by Dan Marek. […]
This creamy topping of artichokes, hearts of palm, and spices is reminiscent of a classic seafood mix. For even more flavor, top with a few drained capers or shredded fresh basil. Recipe by Beverly Burl, supermom extraordinaire. Loaded French Bread Vegan Pizza With Artichokes, Hearts of Palm, & Roasted Tomatoes December 18, 2018 by Whole Foods […]
Kitchari is a term derived from Sanskrit meaning “mixture,” and usually refers to a combination of legumes and rice, cooked together. In Ayurvedic practice, this is a traditional healing food. The warming spices and ginger help give your digestive system a much-needed break. You can serve this soothing bowl topped with diced avocado and heaps […]