Ben & Jerry’s Launch New Non-Dairy Ice Cream to Fight Climate Change
Ben & Jerry's is fighting climate change with its latest dairy-free ice cream. | Image/Ben&Jerry's

Vermont-based ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s just announced a new plant-based flavor to help fight climate change.

“Unfudge Our Future” flavor vegan ice cream—coming exclusively to Australia—pressures the Australian government to ditch fossil fuels via personalized packaging.

Ben & Jerry’s is targeting Prime Minister Scott Morrison, treasurer Josh Frydenberg, and energy minister Angus Taylor with its packaging. Each container requests that either Morrison, Frydenberg, or Taylor “make fossil fuels history!”

The packaging also requests that the coalition government “invest in a fast and fair transition to 100% renewables.” Ben & Jerry’s Impact & Activism Manager Steph Curley said that the brand has “a responsibility to advocate for a new future.”

“Whilst climate change affects us all, it doesn’t affect us all equally,” Curley continued. “Many of our communities are at an increased risk of a warming planet.”

“These are critical decisions that will impact Australia and our planet for generations to come,” she added. “We’ve seen it’s possible to redesign the way we live, and with enough people power—we can call on governments to rebuild for a cleaner, resilient and fairer future for everyone.

A portion of the sales from each tub of the new flavor will go towards Australia. Ben & Jerry’s is also working with the Climate Council and has launched a new information section on its website. This aims to promote better climate education and a “science-led approach” to climate change: reducing fossil fuels and promoting renewable energy.

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Ben & Jerry’s now offers 17 vegan flavors. | Ben & Jerry’s

Vegan Ben & Jerry’s

The dairy industry is a leading cause of climate change, and demand for vegan ice cream is growing. According to Grand View Research, the global dairy-free ice cream market may reach $1.2 billion by the year 2025.

Ben & Jerry’s now offers a variety of dairy-free, 100 percent vegan flavors. Earlier this year, the brand launched three new flavors featuring a sunflower butter base, which appeals to anyone with a nut allergy who also wants to eat dairy-free. The majority of the other dairy-free flavors feature almond-based ice cream.

“Plant-based eating is one of the biggest trends in the world and ice cream lovers everywhere have shouted for non-dairy/vegan options that rise to the levels of Ben & Jerry’s euphoric awesomeness,” CEO Matthew McCarthy said in a statement.

Unfudge Our Future is vegan and includes chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, fudge brownie, and peanut butter cookie dough. The shelf price is $12 per-tub.