All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating
What's your favorite vegan fish and chips?

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

Do you need some vegan comfort food? These are some of the best places in the UK to get vegan fish and chips. In the mood to cook? There are recipes too.

In need of some comfort food? There’s nothing like vegan fish and chips.

Fish and chips are a British staple, but as consumers turn towards healthy, ethical, and environmentally-friendly alternatives to animal products, demand for plant-based seafood is on the rise. According to a customer survey by Sainsbury’s, up to 91 percent of British consumers are flexitarian. This means that the majority of Brits are trying to eat more plant-based foods.

Last year, Food Navigator reported that flexitarians will make up around half the British population by 2025, while around 25 percent of Brits will be either vegan or vegetarian.

Data from Leatherhead Food Research indicates that around 2.3 million Brits are now eating fully meat-free days every week. While health is a common motivator, younger people are more concerned about protecting the environment. More than half of 16 to 35-year-olds ditching meat highlight the environment as a key reason.

Research has linked animal agriculture to a number of environmental issues, including high levels of greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. The Amazon rainforest fires have been linked to beef production as cattle ranchers set fire to the forest to clear land for their herds.

Similarly, seafood has been directly linked to the endangerment of marine environments.

Overfishing is causing a huge amount of environmental damage.

The Problem With Seafood

Food production is increasingly stretched to meet demand; particularly when it comes to animal products. Seafood is no exception. The overfishing of in-demand species has become a major environmental concern.

Overfishing is responsible for exhausting around 90 percent of the world’s fish population, according to FAO data.

The oceans are critical to the survival of all species and produce more than half of the world’s oxygen. They also absorb carbon dioxide—50 times more than our atmosphere. Overfishing severely impacts underwater ecosystems and the overall health of the ocean.

Bycatch is also a problem. This is when untargeted animals are unintentionally caught and killed by the fishing industry. The most common way in which fish are caught is trawling. This involves huge nets being dragged along the sea bed, catching anything in their path.

Accidental destruction is also caused by abandoned fishing equipment—a phenomenon known as “ghost fishing.” Nearly half of marine plastic pollution comes from abandoned fishing gear. The discarded nets can trap—or “ghost fish”—creatures such as whales, dolphins, porpoises, and turtles.

“Entanglement in fishing gear is the leading threat for whales and dolphins around the globe — estimated to cause at least 300,000 deaths per year,” explains the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) on its website.

Fishing doesn’t just come with environmental problems. There are also ethical issues, including human rights violations (such as slave labor) and animal welfare concerns.

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

Trawling is the most common way to catch fish.

Fish and Animal Welfare

Marine animals are frequently killed by the change in pressure as they are raised from deep water, or are crushed by the weight of other animals. Suffocation by air, along with evisceration during processing, are the most common causes of death.

Whether fish experience suffering is much contested. But according to many members of the scientific community, fish definitively do feel pain. According to the biologist Lynn Sneddon, this concept is also beginning to achieve more universal acceptance.

Sneddon told the Smithsonian Magazine, “Back in 2003, when I gave talks, I would ask, ‘who believes fish can feel pain?’ Just one or two hands would go up. Now you ask the room and pretty much everyone puts their hands up.”

The fact that fish biology is radically different from that of humans and other mammals does not preclude their ability to suffer. Some argue that trivializing the suffering of fish does not take into account the ability of biologically different animals to share experiences.

In 2013, the American Veterinary Medical Association released its new guidelines for the euthanasia of animals. The updated guide said: “Suggestions that finfish responses to pain merely represent simple reflexes have been refuted.

“The preponderance of accumulated evidence supports the position that finfish should be accorded the same considerations as terrestrial vertebrates in regard to relief from pain,” said the guidelines.

Raw Vegan Tuna to Launch at Sushi Restaurants Across Vancouver

Vegan tuna brand Ocean Hugger Foods is bringing sustainable seafood to sushi restaurants | thatwasvegan

Vegan Seafood

Marine biologist and oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle has suggested that vegan seafood is a practical alternative to unsustainable animal products. At the 2018 Good Food Conference, Earle suggested that better education and vegan seafood, in particular, are “what we really need for food security.”

Vegan seafood includes everything from simple, whole foods substitutions—such as battered tofu as cod or chickpeas, lemon, and nori as a plant-based tuna fish—to high tech clean-meat production.

Clean-meat companies such as the Californian start-up BlueNalu aim to overhaul seafood production with “cellular aquaculture.” BlueNalu is working to produce slaughter-free seafood, alongside similar companies such as Finless Foods.

In contrast, companies such as Quorn, VBites, New Wave Foods, Ocean Hugger, and Good Catch Foods produce plant-based seafood alternatives from existing products such as soya, mycoprotein, and algae.

Good Catch co-founders Chris Kerr and Eric Schnell say in a joint statement: “The relentless and indiscriminate killing of marine life is devastating ocean ecosystems.” The company says “the only truly sustainable seafood is seafood that allows fish to remain in the ocean.”

The Best Restaurants for Vegan Fish and Chips

These are some of the best restaurants for vegan fish and chips and fried comfort food.

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

Matter Fastfoods now operates as a pop-up kitchen.

1. Matter Fastfoods

Bristol’s very own vegan tofish and chip shop may have closed, but Matter still do pop-up events serving fried vegan junk. Matter Fastfoods has cooked up steaks, chicken, kebabs, wraps, and other plant-based takes on classic dishes.

Sutton and Sons expanded its menu to cater to customer demand.

2. Sutton and Sons

“Our signature recipe is made from banana blossom that’s been marinated in seaweed and samphire,” says the London based Sutton and Sons. “The innovative menu available at all three of our branches includes ‘prawn’ cocktail, ‘scampi’, ‘chicken’ and ‘fish’ burgers, battered sausages and vegan pie and mash.”

Earth and Stars serves gluten-free smoked tofu.

3. Earth and Stars Brighton

Earth and Stars in Brighton serves smoked tofu in place of fish. The meal is gluten-free and served with vegan tartar sauce, pea purée, and fresh samphire. The restaurant has also served a vegan doner kebab with shiitake mushroom bacon.

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

The Seabreeze uses vegetable oil and banana blossom for its vegan fish.

4. The Seabreeze

Teeside’s local favorite The Seabreeze has added battered banana-blossom fish to the menu. The chippy switched to cooking in vegetable oil and have a separate fryer for gluten-free options. The Seabreeze also sells chia seed and rice nuggets.

Loving Hut is 100 percent vegan.

5. Loving Hut

Vegan restaurant Loving Hut serves vegan fish and chips at both its Archway and Brighton Lanes branches. It also serves battered sausage, an “ocean burger,” and other classic chippy tea staples. Loving Hut won VegFest’s Best Vegan Restaurant award in 2015.

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

Mono celebrates “chippy Tuesday” with vegan comfort food every week.

6. Mono

Glasgow’s Mono makes “tofish”—tofu wrapped in seaweed then battered and fried. The seaweed gives it a savory seafood-like quality. Served with chunky chips and mushy peas. Mono also offers celeriac schnitzel, corndogs, burgers, and other vegan junk.
Hungry Horse Launches Vegan Menu At All 280 UK Restaurants

7. Hungry Horse

The UK pub chain Hungry Horse launched a variety of new vegan options in 2018, including vegan fish and chips. The plant-based fish uses fish-free flakes from VBites and is served with mushy peas and crispy chips. The pub also serves a hot Bakewell tart and vegan ice cream.
All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

Lucy’s Fish and Chips serves battered, locally made sausages from Tofurei | Image/@Sleazy Vegan

8. Lucy’s Fish and Chips

Lucy’s Fish and Chips is a Norwich market staple and added vegan fish in early 2019. The “Vish” is made using seaweed and lemon marinated banana blossom. Other plant-based menu items include battered vegan fish steaks made using fish-scented konjac. The chippy stall also sells battered, meat-free sausages and tofu burgers.

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

The Veggie Chippy says it was the first of its kind in the UK.

9. The Veggie Chippy

Birmingham’s own Veggie Chippy serves vegan versions of several popular British comfort foods. These include battered “vish,” pasties, chips, curry sauce, and mushy peas. The Veggie Chippy also serves battered sausages, burgers, pizzas, and other side dishes.

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

The Land & Sea even serves vegan versions of black pudding | The Tartan Carrot

10. Land & Sea

The Land & Sea in Falkirk has a large, separate vegan menu. The traditional chippy sells plant-based prawns, battered “vish,” sausages, chicken, deep-fried pizzas, and even haggis. The Land & Sea also serves vegan sides and desserts and hosts regular vegan nights.

All the Best Vegan Fish and Chips You Should Be Eating

Simpsons fish and chips serves an expanded vegan menu in Stroud.

11. Simpsons Fish and Chips

This South West-based chippy serves vegan options in Stroud. The Simpsons menu includes vegan tofish made using seawater, lemongrass, and seaweed. Deep-fried pickles, battered jalapenos, pea fritters, burgers, and cheese and potato patties are also available.

The Best Recipes for Vegan Fish and Chips


vegan fish and chips recipes

Use tofu to make this vegan recipe for flaky fish. | The Easy Vegan

1. Shallow-Fried ‘Flaky’ Tofu Fish and Chips

All you need to make these flaky vegan fillets is tofu, sea salt, nori sprinkles, sunflower oil, and a lemon. Batter and serve with lemon wedges, a dash of vinegar, and a sprinkle of salt.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Serve your vegan fish with purple sweet potato fries. | Veganosity

2. Oven-Fried Tofu Fish and Sweet Potato Chips

If you fancy fish and chips, but not the deep-fried, greasy element of the dish, try this recipe for oven-fried tofu fish. You could even serve with healthy baked sweet potato fries.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Beer batter hearts of palm to make these vegan fish sticks. | My Darling Vegan

3.  Beer Battered Hearts of Palm Fish Sticks

Shred hearts of palm, dip them in a tasty beer batter, and serve with vegan tartar sauce. Delicious.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Use vegan mayo as a base to make the tartar sauce for your fish-free fish and chips. | The Vegan Atlas

4. Tofu Fish in Panko Breadcrumbs With Vegan Tartar Sauce

Not a fan of batter? This tofu fish recipe calls for panko breadcrumbs instead. If you’re a fan of vegan tartar sauce, make your own using vegan mayonnaise as a base.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Add kombucha to the batter for an “extra zing.” | The Ginger Vegan

5. Kombucha ‘Tofish’ and Chips

This unique vegan fish and chips recipe uses kombucha in the batter. According to The Ginger Vegan, it gives the fillets an “extra zing.”

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Banana blossom has a fishy texture. | The Edgy Veg

6. Banana Blossom Fish and Chips

According to the Edgy Veg, this recipe is pretty close to what you would get from a real fish and chip shop. It’s all down to the texture of the banana blossom when it’s deep-fried. For an even more authentic experience, serve with lemon, vinegar, salt, vegan tartar sauce, and mushy peas.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Swap fish for battered jackfruit. | Olives for Dinner

7. Deep-Fried Jackfruit with Garlic Dill Mayo and Chips

Jackfruit has more uses than a pulled pork substitute, it turns out. Deep-fry it, batter it, and serve with chips and homemade vegan garlic dill mayo. You won’t be disappointed.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Consider beer-battering an eggplant instead of a fish. | The Edgy Veg

8. Beer-Battered Eggplant and Chips

If you like to stick to veggies when you’re making meat substitutes, you’ll be pleased with this recipe. Instead of tofu, the dish calls for eggplant.

Get the recipe here.

Make these vegan fish fingers with tofu. | Lazy Cat Kitchen

9. Vegan Fish Finger Sandwich

Not in the mood for a large fish and chip dinner? Make this fish finger sandwich for dinner instead. If you’re feeling it, you could add some chips into the mix too.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

Consider battering a sausage to go with your vegan fish and chips. | Tinned Tomatoes

10. Vegan Chip Shop Sausages

A chip shop experience is not complete without a battered sausage. If you’re making battered vegan fish, batter a sausage while you’re at it. You can use any vegan sausage you like, but this recipe uses Heck’s Bollywood Bangers for extra spice.

Get the recipe here.

vegan fish and chips recipes

If you want something light, try vegan fish cakes. | Exceedingly Vegan

11. Easy Vegan Fish Cakes

In the mood for something a little lighter? Try these easy vegan fish cakes. Serve with traditional chips and mushy peas, or opt for a salad if you’re only feeling a little bit peckish.

Get the recipe here.