The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
What's going on your grill this season?

Summer is upon us and that means one thing: it’s time to break out the BBQ and the vegan meat to go with it.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can still have a big meaty vegan BBQ. If you have limited outdoor space, try a smaller portable grill. If you have no outside space at all, but you’re still after that BBQ experience, you could opt for a smokeless electric grill instead. It’s also best to go with an electric grill option rather than a traditional BBQ if you’re on a balcony, as the latter can be a fire hazard.

Once you have your BBQ sorted, you’re going to want some food to put on it. In the UK, supermarket shelves are brimming with plant-based meat products ideal for chucking on the BBQ to grill. From meat-free pulled pork burgers to vegan chicken skewers to meaty sausages, Brits are spoilt for choice. Here are the nine best vegan meat products for BBQ grilling in the UK.

9 Vegan Meat Products for BBQ Grilling In the UK


The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Pulled Pork Burgers are suitable for vegans.

1. Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Burgers

Vegetarian meat brand Linda McCartney offers a wide range of BBQ-worthy vegan meat products, including Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages, Mushroom & Spinach Burgers, and 1/4lb Burgers. If you want something a little different, try these smoky, flavorful Vegetarian Pulled Pork Burgers, which are smothered in BBQ sauce.

Buy them here.

The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
Top barbecued Beyond Sausages with onions and dairy-free cheese.

2. Beyond Meat’s Sausages

Trying to convince a meat-eater to give vegan food a go? Or maybe you’re looking to try some realistic vegan meat yourself? Beyond Meat’s Beyond Sausages, available in Tesco, could be just what you’re after. They sizzle, snap, and taste just like pork sausages.

In a review for Men’s Journal, deputy editor Justin Fenner said about the product: “I honestly, 100 percent would not have known Beyond Sausage wasn’t an actual sausage if you hadn’t told me first. It was so… meaty. Consider me converted.”

Buy them here.

The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
Try Wicked Kitchen’s Jalapeño Patties on the barbecue.

3. Wicked Kitchen ‘s Jalapeño Griller Patties

Wicked Kitchen at Tesco offers a wide range of vegan meaty options, including these Jalapeño Griller Patties, which are sure to win-over the spice-lover in your life. Not only are they deliciously spicy, but they’re even filled with little pockets of “dreamy” dairy-free cheese.

One Tesco shopper wrote in a review: “[these are] easily the best meat-free burgers I’ve ever eaten. Very enjoyable taste and spicy, and not in an artificial, blow your head off sort of way, I’m a (non-red) meat-eater but I’d probably have one of these over a meat burger given the choice.”

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The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
HECK’s Super Green Sausages are made with quinoa and spinach.

4. HECK’s  Super Green Plant Based Sausages

Want a healthier option on the grill? These Super Green vegan sausages by HECK get their name from the healthy green options on the ingredients list. They’re packed with quinoa, as well as spinach, courgette, kale, spring onions, and lime juice. If you’re worried they’ll taste too “earthy” for you, don’t. One Asda shopper posted in a review: “I thought these would taste earthy because of the color, but they don’t. They are really nice. I would definitely buy again.”

Buy them here.

The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
Try adding Quorn vegan fillets to skewers and barbecuing them.

5. Quorn’s Asian-Style Vegan Skewers

Sausages and burgers are all very well, but it’s also nice to have a little bit of variety on the grill too. Kebab skewers are tasty, meaty, and easy to put together. This simple recipe by Quorn will show you how to use the brand’s vegan chicken fillets to make Asian-Style Vegan Skewers. As well as the fillets, you’ll need hoisin sauce, red onions, soy sauce, and Chinese spice mix.

Buy Quorn vegan chicken here.

The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
For an alternative to beef-style vegan products, try barbecuing these vegan chicken burgers by Vbites.

6. VBites’ Southern-Fried Chicken Burgers

If you love a barbecued chicken burger, try popping these Meat-Free Southern-Fried Chicken Burgers on the grill instead. The recipe for these burgers has been modernized from a traditional Louisiana technique, so you know they’re likely going to taste authentic too. Serve with lettuce, egg-free mayonnaise, and coleslaw for best results.

Buy them here.

The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
Iceland’s No Bull Steak-Style Burgers are ideal for a meaty vegan barbecue. | @nomeatcompany

7. Iceland’s No Bull Steak-Style Burgers

For a super meaty burger, try Iceland’s No Bull steak-style patties. Made with wheat protein and mushrooms, they are realistic in appearance, taste, and texture. You could also BBQ the supermarket’s popular No Bull Quarter Pounders, which are made with soy protein, as well its No Chick Patties, and No Porkies Burgers.

Buy them here.

The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
Plant Pioneers’ Caramelised Onion Shroomdogs are made from mushrooms and red onion chutney.

8. Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers Caramelised Onion Shroomdogs

Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers range has a variety of vegan BBQ options, including Chorizo Shroomdogs, Smoky “Jack” Quarter Pounders, and these Caramelised Onion Shroomdogs. Made with mushrooms and red onion chutney, they’re high in protein, low in sugar, and they taste authentic too. One Sainsbury’s shopper stated in a review: “We had to fish the package out the bin [because] we were convinced we had been delivered meat sausages by mistake! They are amazing.”

Buy them here.

The Best Vegan Meat for BBQ Grilling In the UK
Sgaia Foods offers a summer barbecue bumper pack, filled with burgers, bacon, and smoked steaks.

9. Sgaia Foods’ Vegan Summer BBQ Bumper Pack

If you want to buy all your vegan BBQ food in one easy hit, try this family-size bumper pack by plant-based meat brand Sgaia Foods.

Designed to feed four to six people, the vegan meat pack includes two burgers, two packs of streaky rashers, and two packs of smoked steak. If you want to pick and choose, you can also buy the brand’s vegan meat products individually. If you enjoy the idea of buying in bulk, Sgaia Foods also offers a Super Summer Picnic Deli Box and a Plant Based Meat Taster Bundle.

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