The Best Vegan Strawberry Smoothie—In a Bowl
Whip this vegan strawberry smoothie bowl up in five minutes.

Looking for an easy breakfast idea? This vegan strawberry smoothie bowl with banana and flax will keep you fueled and satisfied from breakfast until lunch. The dairy-free smoothie recipe is easy to make and nutritious.

Have you ever tried putting flax in your smoothie? I did recently for the first time and realised I’ve been missing out. It makes the texture so much smoother and adds even more fibre. So I decided it’s something I need to be doing regularly.

This Strawberry Smoothie Bowl with Banana and Flax is also the first smoothie bowl I’ve ever shared on the blog! I was a little late to the party when it came to smoothie bowls, but I’ve recently found a major love for them and have really enjoyed adding oats, granola, and nuts for a satisfying and hearty breakfast.

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl With Banana and Flax

For anyone who isn’t sure, smoothie bowls are no different from regular smoothies. The only difference is that you serve the smoothie in a bowl and are able to enjoy lots of delicious toppings on it.

Feel free to add your own toppings as you like, but my suggestions would be to add crunchy foods like nuts, seeds, oats and even granola to make it really satisfying. There’s something delicious about enjoying a smooth, creamy smoothie topped with nuts and oats—it’s incredibly filling and hearty.

To make this Strawberry Smoothie Bowl extra-satisfying, make sure you add some protein powder to the mix. This will make it even more filling and will ensure it powers you through until lunchtime. Enjoy!

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This recipe was republished with permission from Vancouver With Love.