Vegan Meat Sales in Europe Grew 451 Percent Over the Last 4 Years
Freelancer Journalist, UK

According to the executive chairman of Beyond Meat, Seth Goldman, 70% of people purchasing the Beyond Burger are not vegan or vegetarian.

In a recent report, Goldman was discussing the company’s decision to place the refrigerated burger patty next to ‘regular’ meat. Goldman claims that the company’s strategy of piloting the burger in meat fridges was the key to convincing retailers that it was a good idea.

The Vegan Beyond Meat Burger is Heading to the Meat Alternative Capital of the World

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Initially there was some pushback to selling plant-based meat next to [regular] meat, but because we started small and proved the concept with Whole Foods, and then Safeway in Northern California, we had data to show other retailers that it was working, so we didn’t keep having to have that same conversation again and again,’ Goldman told Food Navigator.

Recently the company has released the Beyond Sausage, and the company intends of using the same tactics for that product too.

Goldman believes that the triumph is due to the type of consumers buying their products. ‘When we think about competition, it’s meat,’ said Goldman. ‘Our goal has never been to be the top selling veggie burger company, although we obviously want vegans and vegetarians to enjoy our products. But we’ve never aspired to be the leader of 5% of the market, we’re going after the other 95%