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Boston Is Getting the Largest Vegan Sports Bar in the World


A new vegan sports bar is opening in Boston, Massachusetts, this spring. PlantPub will open its second location right across from Fenway Park baseball stadium, the 110-year-old home of the Red Sox.

The restaurant is a collaboration between the company’s co-founders, serial entrepreneur Pat McAuley, vegan investor Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, and head chef Mary Dumont, in partnership with celebrity vegan chef Mathew Kenney.

Created to make plant-based food more appealing and accessible to everyday sports fans of all kinds, the new PlantPub will serve burgers, Buffalo cauliflower wings, nachos, and pizza. This location will also include beloved New England desserts like Boston cream pie and sundaes.

PlantPub’s new branch is over five times the size of the original location, which launched in Cambridge last year, at 8,000 square feet. It can seat nearly 300 people and Dumont told the Boston Globe that having access to a bigger kitchen means she can create more new menu items, including vegan hot dogs “with all the toppings.”

PlantPub was co-founded by Chef Mary Dumont (left), Boston-based entrepreneur Pat McAuley (right), and entrepreneur Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni. | Ellen McDermott Photography/PlantPub

PlantPub Boston: the largest vegan sports bar in the world

In addition to launching a plant-based take on the iconic “Fenway Frank” hotdog, PlantPub will serve a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic craft beers and cocktails, all from New England-based brewers and producers.

“We are mimicking all of the flavors that people know and love in a complete plant-based form,” says Dumont. “We have an opportunity to expose so many people to a new way of eating that is becoming more and more mainstream.”

Kenney’s partnership came about as he had already signed a lease on the former Boston BeerWorks building, then decided to collaborate rather than “create a new concept.” He is now also a partner in the Cambridge location, and they plan to expand to other cities in the future.

“I loved what they were doing—the product, the brand… It just seemed like a perfect fit,” says Kenney. “Fenway is ground zero in Boston and we couldn’t think of a better location to showcase the fact that plant-based cuisine can be really crave-able and fulfilling and satisfying.”

The celebrity chef now owns or operates 60 different restaurants worldwide and has authored over a dozen cookbooks. Kenney is known for his pioneering of plant-based cuisine in the mainstream. He debuted a new, sustainable, fully vegan restaurant at Selfridges earlier this year.

McAuley described partnering with Kenney as a “dream,” adding that “he is the leader in the plant-based culinary world… He has blazed a path for everybody else.”

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