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Aquafaba, the brine in a can of beans keeps a relatively low profile, sans the affinity of what seems to be every millennial, and modern vegan. However, a new “Faba Butter” product could send faba-fanatics skyrocketing.

Food Navigator reported Andrew McClure and Aidan Altman, both based in Brooklyn dreamed up Fora Foods as they recognized the wasted aquafaba created by hummus production and turned it into an innovative, usable and vegan-friendly spread. This gel-like ‘bean juice’ knows no end to versatility – although when making hummus, is simply unnecessary and gets thrown away. Fora Foods have uncovered the secret method of turning key ingredients: aquafaba, water, coconut oil and liquid oil into a plant-based butter, which co-founder Altman says is a “really creamy, dairy-like mouthful”.

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Altman adds this Faba Butter also tastes, cooks, spreads, bakes and melts like butter, and after working with some vegan chefs, have been told their product is the most functional butter alternative on the market they have worked with. He even said “you can make perfectly airy crisp croissants where other butter alternatives fall short. It means consumers don’t have to compromise”.

With the rise of veganism and increasing health concerns regarding animal-product laden diets, many consumers and foodservice buyers are very open to this idea, as it ticks many boxes and brings something new to the table. While vegan-friendly alternatives to butter alike solid oil-spreads and margarine are already available on the market, nothing has quite yet emulated exactly what butter lovers desire.

While in the can or cooking, aquafaba is made as the liquid the beans (often chickpeas) are soaking in absorb some protein and starches from the bean, making the liquid perfect as a plant-based “egg white” and natural emulsifier – yet in terms of taste, using aquafaba adds a depth of flavor and is said to mimic grass-fed dairy butter.


Image Credit: Fora Foods via Food Navigator