Cadbury Hints at New Vegan Chocolate Bar
Cadbury may be working on a vegan milk chocolate bar

Cadbury Is Launching Vegan Milk Chocolate Bars

A vegan milk chocolate version of Cadbury's iconic Dairy Milk chocolate bar is being worked on, says the brand's owner Mondelez.

A vegan version of Cadbury’s iconic Dairy Milk chocolate bar is in the works.

Rumors started swirling about the new bar last year. A member of the Facebook group What Kiwi Vegans Eat posted a screenshot from a survey she took online; one survey about Cadbury products featured a slide showing a chocolate bar with “vegan” printed on the front.

When asked about the potential vegan Cadbury bar in an email last year, the brand told LIVEKINDLY: “We are very aware of the rise in consumer interest towards vegan products and we have a brilliant R&D team in Bournville who are focused entirely on new products and innovation. Whilst there are no immediate plans for a vegan Cadbury bar, we have lots of exciting developments in the pipeline!”

According to the Telegraph, Mondelēz—the owners of Cadbury—have been working on plant-based milk chocolate for two years. The consumer goods group has now confirmed that it is “looking at” a vegan Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.

A Vegan Cadbury Millk Chocolate Bar is Officially in the Works

Vegan Cadbury milk chocolate could be in stores soon.

‘The Texture and Taste Our Consumers Love’

“We’re always listening to our consumers,” said a Mondelēz spokesperson. “So we can develop and provide people with greater choice.”

They continued, “this includes looking at a plant-based Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.”

They added that the brand has no plans for an “immediate launch.” It will only debut the new vegan milk chocolate option when it “retains the texture and taste that our consumers love.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Mondelēz planned an initial launch for January, to tie in with the Veganuary campaign. However, it was forced to delay “as it grapples with finding a dairy substitute which is also suitable for consumers with nut allergies.

Known for its Dairy Milk chocolate bar, Cadbury is the second-largest confectionery brand in the world.

The company currently has only a handful of vegan options. The Freddo Drinking Chocolate is dairy-free and a few new products were introduced last year: giant Bournville dark chocolate buttons, a powdered chocolate shake, and fudge frosting.

*Note: A representative of the company that conducted the survey confirmed with LIVEKINDLY that the image was taken in breach of contract by a survey participant.