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The UK’s largest co-operative Suma Wholefoods has launched a brand new product: canned vegan burgers and baked beans.

Suma Wholefoods provides an array of vegetarian products to its suppliers across the UK including veggie burgers, veggie sausages, and baked beans with Lincolnshire style sausages, however, this is the first time the company has mixed burgers with beans – to the delight of many. “Can’t wait to try these! That’s tonight’s tea sorted,” wrote The Incredible Nutshell, a vegan grocery shop in Sheffield, on Twitter.

Suma Wholefoods products are predominantly sold at health food shops across the country, however, products can be bought in wholesale quantities online.

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The Suma brand prides itself on being ethical and fair to its employees, its suppliers, to the animals, and to the earth. The company is partnered with Treesponsibility, an organization that aims to involve local people in tree-planting, every year Suma plants around 5,300 trees to offset the carbon footprint produced by its fleet of delivery lorries and trucks.

Vegan product launches have become commonplace in recent months across the UK, with major supermarkets, such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Asda, frequently bringing out new meat and dairy-free products to cater to demand. Waitrose has even launched its own completely dedicated vegan section, becoming the first in the UK to do so. Further, Tesco, the UK’s leading supermarket, recently debuted the first ever shop bought vegan steak. Demand is so great for the item that the producer Vivera can’t keep up.

“We are currently struggling to keep up with the high demand of Vivera in the United Kingdom and in Holland after the enormous amount of positive reviews on (social) media by both experts and the public,” wrote the CCO of Vivera Gert Jan Gombert in a statement. “Incredibly grateful for that. And we are working around the clock to solve this a.s.a.p.”

The number of vegans living in the UK has increased by 700 percent over the last 2 years, reaching over 3.5 million. Further, the amount of vegetarians exceeds 7 million. People are also becoming more curious about veganism, with Google data showing that searches for the term have steadily increased from 2012 to 2017, spiking in November of last year.