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Thanks to Netflix’s exposé documentary ‘What The Health‘ in which filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn unveil the corruption within America’s health and food industries, insurance company HealthIQ has announced that it will be slashing the prices for vegans who want to purchase life insurance coverage.

HealthIQ reference a number of health-related statistics, reflecting the reasons behind this marketing strategy.

Quoting studies from the likes of Public Health Nutrition Journal, HealthIQ show that vegans are 63% less likely to suffer from hypertension, which is the number one contributor to heart attacks. The group also cite the evidence from Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition‘s 2016 study in which the results showed that vegans have a 15% lower incidence of all types of cancer, 34% lower risk of female-specific cancer and 22% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

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Subsequent to the release of the film, the public have responded with an overwhelmingly mixed reaction. From viral videos attempting to debunk plant-based doctors to backlash from the dairy industry. But despite the controversy, “What The Health” has managed to inspire many people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle with the hope to better their personal health.

HealthIQ works with a large number of insurance providers across the USA; it is licensed across all 50 states, which means the company has the ability to achieve the lowest possible rates for life insurance.

According to the HealthIQ’s website, it’s an insurance company “by vegans, for vegans.” The team is comprised of health conscious people who overcame their own health challenges with healthy habits, exercise, and nutrition.