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Coronavirus Sparks 280% Surge in Vegan Meat Sales


Oat milk is in high demand, according to Nielsen data. Oat milk experienced a dramatic 476.7 percent increase in sales in the week ending on March 14. By comparison, hand sanitizer saw an increase of 207.5 percent.

Many schools, restaurants, and other establishments have been forced to close to help limit the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

As a result, stores around the country have experienced an unprecedented demand for common household items like toilet paper, pasta, and canned foods.

Vegan meat sales have surged by nearly 280 percent due to the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

According to Nielsen data, purchases of plant-based meat were up by 279.8 percent for the week ending on March 14. The previous week ending on March 7 saw an increase of vegan meat by 206.4 percent.

Plant-based meat saw the highest jump in sales in the meat category. Canned meats increased by 187.8 percent and fresh chicken by 51.8 percent for the week ending on March 14.

Total cases of the coronavirus have surpassed 450,000, according to Worldometers website, which tracks the virus in real-time.

Oat milk is more in demand than hand sanitizer due to the pandemic.| @vegan_food_UK

Keeping Oat Milk in Stock

Oat milk brand Oatly took to social media to speak out against panic buying during the coronavirus.

We would just like to remind everyone that buying every single last carton of oatmilk that you find at your local shop or online retailer is not a very cool move. And to be honest, it’s totally unnecessary,” the brand wrote on Instagram.

Our focus and top priority right now is to ensure that no matter what happens, the oatmilk keeps flowing, which means shelves will be refilled with speed and accuracy, which in turn will allow you to demonstrate all of your consideration skills, ultimately resulting in a few cartons of oatmilk for all,” Oatly added.

Dairy milk sales lagged behind plant-based milk, seeing only a 32.4 percent increase for the week ending March 14. Sales of dairy milk were up 3.8 percent for the week ending March 7.

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