Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese With Collard Greens
This dairy-free mac n' cheese recipe is packed with veggies. | Vancouver With Love

Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese With Collard Greens

This vegan mac and cheese is made with pantry ingredients. The dairy-free recipe is packed with veggies like collard greens.

This creamy vegan mac and cheese with collard greens is the perfect comfort food recipe.

Be kind to me. This week I’m attempting to tackle a comfort food classic and not only veganize it, but make it a little bit healthier. That’s right, you can eat mac and cheese and get your nutrients at the same time!

I’ve been meaning to add a dairy-free mac and cheese recipe to this blog for so long, so when Manitoba Milling Company suggested a collaboration using their Unsweetened Milled Whole Seed Flax Beverage, I jumped at the chance!

I hadn’t tried flax milk before, and I can honestly say I’ve been really impressed by it. It’s fantastic in sauces, hot drinks, and baking as it’s naturally quite thick and creamy. I can also speak from experience when I say that it’s great on cereal too!

I also particularly love that Manitoba Milling’s non-GMO Flax Beverage is made with the highest quality whole milled flaxseed (produced by the Pizzey family on their farm in Manitoba), so you get all the benefits of eating flax such as omega-3, protein and fibre to name a few. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that unlike many other plant milk, this one definitely isn’t watered down. It has a rich flax taste!

This dairy-free mac and cheese recipe is a very simple one to make. It is ideal for easy weeknight dinners or moments when you just want comfort food. It provides two portions of vegetables per serving and is full of protein and fibre.

I know we all have different ingredients available right now, So I want you to feel free to adapt this recipe as you need to, particularly when it comes to the fresh produce. If you don’t have any collard greens, go ahead and use kale, chard or even spinach. If you don’t have any butternut squash, try using yams or sweet potato instead!

All other ingredients in this recipe are pantry essentials, so hopefully, they’re ones you already have on hand and won’t require an extra shopping trip to buy. So get cosy, whip up a quick batch of this Vegan Mac and Cheese, and dig in!

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This recipe was republished with permission from Vancouver With Love.