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Joey Carbstrong is an Animal Liberation Activist from Australia, determined to help pave the way for a more compassionate, vegan future. Formerly part of a criminal gang and addicted to drugs such as meth and alcohol, he has made a remarkable u-turn and now proudly celebrates 4 years of sobriety. So where did it all begin? “It […]
The vegan snack brand Hippeas, so named because of their use of chickpeas, has recently received an investment for a minority stake from Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor, famous for failing to win an oscar until 2016, has long been suspected a vegan, but, due to his private nature, has yet to confirm this. However, for […]
Who run the world? Danish Politicians should. Perhaps! Earlier this week, members of the Danish Parliament made like Beyoncé and committed to a 22-day Vegan challenge. According to an article in the Metro, leader of the Alternative party, Uffe Elbaek said “No doubt that this will be a huge challenge, but I expect it to be […]
Forest Green Rovers, a small, entirely vegan football club based in a village in the Cotswolds (UK), have won an historic game at Wembley Arena to secure League 2 football for next season. The club beat Tranmere Rovers 3-1 last weekend to secure their future despite playing most of their games in a tiny stadium […]
Earlier this week, the former US President, Barack Obama publicly discussed the controversial topic of climate change and its links with animal agriculture. Despite the majority opinion from the current administration being skeptical of climate change all together, Obama used this summit as an opportunity to touch on the relationship between our eating habits, environmental […]