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M.J. Bassett—the director and writer of Lionsgate’s latest film, Rogue—is about as multifaceted as they come. However, she didn’t always aspire to be in film. At a young age, she realized she had an affinity for animals. Bassett tells LIVEKINDLY that when she was younger, she actually wanted to be a wildlife vet. “That’s what […]
Sanctuaries create secure environments all over the world for animals to live out their days protected from the meat and dairy industry. Watch to discover ten celeb supported sanctuaries that provide a safe haven for countless animals.
This is LIVEKINDLY’s roundup of the best entertainment, food, and environment news in the plant-based world. Vegan actor Woody Harrelson narrates a new Netflix documentary called Kiss The Ground. An ad about veganism just went viral in Israel. Misfits Market is reducing food waste by rescuing fresh produce and pantry staples that otherwise wouldn’t have […]
There’s hardly a day when the Amazon rainforest isn’t on fire. Thousands of fires burn across southern Brazil each year. In 2019, a year that set unprecedented records for Amazon fires and deforestation, more than 906,000 hectares were lost to fire. According to deforestation watchdog Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project, 4,500 square kilometers (1,740 […]