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Actor Jack Black is off red meat. The “Jumanji” star says he has given up meat and switched to veggie burgers in order to “limit catastrophic climate change.” The actor and musician made the announcement in a video shared to Twitter Thursday, using the trending hashtag #myecoresolution. “#MyEcoResolution is to stop eating red meat! I’m […]
NASA scientists at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida were recently treated to a screening of “The Game Changers.” The vegan documentary was produced by Academy Award-winning director James Cameron. The 2018 documentary explores how athletes are able to compete at the top of their game without meat for protein. Its producers include former bodybuilder and […]
Oscar winner and longtime vegan Joaquin Phoenix is serving as an executive producer on a new documentary about pig sentience.  Called “Gunda,” the documentary—created by award-winning Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky—examines the daily life of a pig and her three farm animal companions: two cows and a one-legged chicken. The film provides an honest perspective on […]