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CBD oil is the rising star of 2019, and with good reason. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is non-psychoactive so it doesn’t get you high like the THC-rich plant would, but it’s increasingly recognized for its supposed anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and seizure-fighting abilities, according to Medium. Tinctures and oils might be the most well-known methods of consumption. […]
Thirteen-year-old Alina Morse built a multi-million dollar vegan candy brand before she even entered high school. Her sugar-free candy company, Zollipops is stocked in more than 7,500 major retail locations such as Walmart, Kroger, and Whole Foods. According to Entrepreneur, the retail sales of her healthy candy brand are projected at between $5 and $6 million […]
Kristyn Caicedo is just eleven years old and is already changing the lives of many people –and their dogs — in Houston, Texas. Caicedo is the founder of non-profit organization SavFur Rescue. SavFur creates organic vegan dog treats for the homeless pets of homeless people. “Our mission is to feed a homeless pet for each day of […]