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The fifth annual Vegan Congress will be held this week in Tel Aviv, the world’s vegan capital. The two-day event, sponsored by Vegan-Friendly Israel, begins on March 8. Activists such as James Aspey and Joey Carbstrong, as well as co-founder of the Good Food Institute, Nick Cooney, are among the influential guests who will speak at this […]
The Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a “social justice leadership camp for teen activists,” that has been running since 2009. The organisation teaches and inspires young people who want to change the world, giving them the skills they need to help the planet and society. However, not wanting to exclude passionate adults, YEA has […]
Chicago’s Black vegan community is creating a thriving vegan movement with businesses and restaurants that put new animal-free twists on some of the most popular soul food dishes. In fact, Chicago is home to one of the oldest vegan soul food restaurants in the entire country, Original Soul Vegetarian, which has been “serving food as medicine for […]
Vegfest UK 2017 is well underway, and yesterday kicked off the with the first ever fully vegan trade show. Aside from the overwhelming number of vegan cheeses to try, the day was full of speeches and panels from some of the most interesting vegans in the world. Among them was Milton Mills MD, discussing the […]
Peter Young, animal rights activist affiliated with the Animal Liberation Front, was a fugitive between 1998 and 2005, on the run from the FBI. The crime? He released thousands of minks from fur farms. He was arrested in 1998 and faced Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act charges with a potential sentence of a crazy 82 years. Young […]
Expect the weekend of October 21-22 to be one filled with compassion and creativity: as the Compassion Arts Festival (CAF) is set to take place at Symphony Space’s Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre in NYC. According to the Compassion Arts Festival promotional website, “Compassion Arts Festival and the Culture & Animals Foundation present a weekend of song, artistry, […]