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Witty, confident and only 10 years old. Last month Genesis Butler took to the stage at California State University as part of a Tedx event to tell people why she’s vegan and why they should be too. She began her journey to veganism just aged three, when her inquisitive nature led to a conversation about […]
Two months ago I made the decision to stop consuming animal products. I wrote an article about the initial transition, which can be found here. Since then I have learned a lot more about how to live sustainably and ethically; I have experimented with all sorts of foods (some more successfully than others!); and I […]
As a long time vegetarian, I have always considered a plant-based diet to be healthy, delicious and affordable. I had no interest in taking the step to veganism until I started to educate myself a bit more about the dairy industry and the measures we take to consume it in the modern world. It appalled me […]