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Vegan six-time Formula 1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he is rapper XNDA. Rumors that the British race car driver is also XNDA have been swirling since June 2018, when Grammy Award-winning pop star Christina Aguilera released her eighth studio album, “Liberation.” The song “Pipe” featured a rapper under the pseudonym XNDA. “I […]
(Updated August 16, 2020) | Hailey Bieber says she’s still following a predominantly plant-based diet. The 23-year-old model, married to pop singer Justin Bieber, made the announcement to her 28 million Instagram followers. Hailey shared a photo of her homemade dinner, which consisted of soup and vegetable sushi. However, she added that she still occasionally […]
This week’s news: Oprah, Natalie Portman, and former CEO of Starbucks invests in vegan oat milk company Oatly and KFC is testing out plant-based fried chicken in Southern California.