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What’s a blood-lusting vegan werewolf supposed to eat? That’s one of the dilemmas the main character faces in the new horror movie, “Bloodthirsty.” It debuted this week at the Cannes Film Festival’s virtual film market. The Canadian indie film follows Grey, played by actor Lauren Beatty. The young, plant-based singer, despite taking anti-psychotic drugs, has […]
Amazon Prime has a new vegan Jamaican-inspired cooking show. “Kirly-Sue’s Global Kitchen” debuted earlier this month in the US and the UK. It is hosted by vegan YouTuber and cookbook author Sussane Kirlew, who goes by the name Kirly-Sue. The three-part series aims to show viewers how easy it is to cook vegan meals. It […]
Vegan documentary “The Game Changers” is now available in China on video streaming platform Youku. The film, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Louie Psihoyos (“The Cove” (2009)) stars former UFC fighter James Wilks as he explores the benefits of a plant-based diet for athletes. It does this by featuring some of the world’s top athletes who […]
Food is like the internet. That’s what Jane Velez-Mitchell—the host of new Amazon Prime vegan cooking show “New Day, New Chef”—believes. According to the journalist, presenter, and activist, vegan food isn’t a trend, but an evolution. The vegan movement may seem a little new and scary to some, but 16 years ago, so did Facebook. […]
NASA scientists at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida were recently treated to a screening of “The Game Changers.” The vegan documentary was produced by Academy Award-winning director James Cameron. The 2018 documentary explores how athletes are able to compete at the top of their game without meat for protein. Its producers include former bodybuilder and […]
(Updated January 16, 2020) | A new British reality television is making people think twice about the food on their plates. “Meat the Family” looks at the ethics of eating meat by forcing families to choose between eating their pets or becoming vegetarian. The show is described as a “social experiment.” It recruits four meat-eating […]
The holiday season is the perfect time to cozy up with these top 21 movies for animal lovers. From animated classics like Bambi to new favorites like Frozen 2, these are our top picks for heartwarming movies that the whole family can enjoy. Annabelle’s Wish (1997) is a Christmas story of friendship between a talking […]