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In its various versions, American game show “Jeopardy!” has run for more than five decades, airing nearly 10,000 episodes. This month, the television quiz show dipped its toes into veganism. Fittingly aired in January – the month of Veganuary where people pledge to go vegan for 31 days – the episode included the categories: The Old […]
New blockbuster “Aquaman,” released this month, is the much anticipated telling of Arthur Joseph Curry, aka DC superhero Aquaman. Curry was born into the human world but his mother hails from the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. The film has everything a superhero saga needs: villains, adventures, and lots of exciting action but it also contains […]
New large-screen video vegan advertisements have appeared in Dublin’s main bus and train stations. The new ads – designed to encourage passersby to make the connection between meat, dairy, and sentient animals – will be in place until after the New Year. Launched by Go Vegan World, the ads are a first for the campaign […]
Will the world be vegan in the future? That’s what American magazine Newsweek is asking with its latest documentary that explores the rising number of people following a plant-based diet as well as the concerning effects of meat and dairy on public health and the planet. Called “Will We All Be Vegan in the Future?”, the […]
Even though it feels like 2018 began just a few months ago, the year is already almost over – and what a year it’s been, from top beauty brands going cruelty-free to celebrities ditching meat and dairy. In a new short documentary, LIVEKINDLY highlights some of 2018’s top vegan moments. Here’s some of what went down this […]
Vegan filmmaker James Cameron and producer Jon Landau will serve only vegan food on the set of the “Avatar” sequel productions. The original movie, released in 2009, was lauded for its environmental motifs and for exploring issues of acceptance and compassion for non-human species. The four upcoming sequels, set for release in 2020, 2021, 2024, and […]
Netflix has dropped its latest feature-length film “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” and so far, critics are calling it a hit. According to Forbes, the movie – which stars vegan actor Benedict Cumberbatch, alongside Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale – is the streaming service’s “best blockbuster yet.” Originally intended as a Warner Bros release, but […]