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Expect the weekend of October 21-22 to be one filled with compassion and creativity: as the Compassion Arts Festival (CAF) is set to take place at Symphony Space’s Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre in NYC. According to the Compassion Arts Festival promotional website, “Compassion Arts Festival and the Culture & Animals Foundation present a weekend of song, artistry, […]
“Hey man, you must be Niko,” said José, pulling up on his motorcycle. We were in a hip neighborhood just off the tourist strip of Barcelona. I’d only met José on WhatsApp a few days before, but as soon as he hit me up with the priest jokes I knew he was on the level. […]
One of Britain’s oldest pubs – tracing back to the 1830s – The Caledonia on Catharine Street, has launched a ‘creatureless’ food menu and will be serving only vegan beverages. The team at the ‘Cali’ say that they are “determined to give you the best junk food you’ve ever tried without hurting a single animal […]
Veganism is starting to permeate more and more aspects of daily life: we’re getting free-from sections in supermarkets, even dedicated plant-based supermarkets, the media is taking heed to the message, and now vegan travel is a thing too. The ‘Holistic Holiday at Sea’ is described as the “ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit” where you […]
Last night, Ladybird opened it’s doors at 111 East 7th Street for the first time. The cocktail bar, owned by Ravi DeRossi, has recently moved from Greenwich village. Last year restaurateur De Rossi set himself the goal of converting all of his 15 business to being completely plant-based. Now he’s brought well known singer-songwriter and […]
This year, Vevolution Festival is back and it’s looking pretty good! The event, which has previously been described as vegan TED talks, is set to feature some big names such as Nathan Runkle, founder of Mercy for Animals, and Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson. The best part about Vevolution? It’s not just for vegans. The […]
With a vegan shipping container which gives celebrities the munchies, the debut of By Chloe, and a whole host of other veg-friendly spots you could say that London couldn’t get any better for vegans. Well, you’re wrong thanks to the new vegan night market that’s set to hit Brick Lane! Notoriously popular with the edgy and artistic crowds […]

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