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EATKINDLY Delicious Food for a Better Future

Leading a kinder life begins with the food on your plate. Here’s how to eat, cook, and consume with consciousness.

It’s a common misconception that A) plants don’t have protein and, B) because of this vegans and vegetarians are protein deficient. Needless to say, this is not true & many plants have full amino acid profiles (sweet potato being king here) – this recipe is a perfect example of that; packing in a whopping 60% […]
My favourite chocolate bar as a kid was either Snickers or Bounty – I LOVE  a Bounty.. Not everyone is a fan of coconut, but those people are just plain wrong. Since my mid-teens I have grown out of my sweet tooth and rarely crave desserts or sugary snacks – but when I do, this […]
Pasta is the epitome of comfort food and the ‘balance’ of be heavy carbs and cheese is just what’s required when you’re having one of those days….and that’s exactly what I have for you; a delicious smokey (optional) cheese lasagna with a tofu ricotta stuffing. As a side note, I must tell you that the […]
You know you’ve made it as an adult when no one stops you eating ice cream for breakfast – Ironically as you get older you become more aware of the health implications that come with such decisions. Thankfully, some sweet-toothed genius came up with a healthy alternative making it a perfectly acceptable option every day.. Here is a simple recipe for […]
Waking at midday, dry-mouthed, bleary eyed and ravenous for something greasy – Hangovers… we’ve all been there. Naturally most of us will wake up with a craving to eat something energy-dense with the power to see us through until the evening (so we can spend the rest of the day asleep); hence the aptly named ‘Hangover Breakfast’. Key components to […]