Vegan Recipes

Your favorite vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, drinks and snacks to make at home.

Eggs used to be something I couldn’t imagine giving up. For most people removing animal products from their diet it’s the cheese, but for me it was eggs; specifically scrambled. This is where scrambled tofu comes in. It’s SUPER easy to make, tastes similar to eggs, if not better, and isn’t packed full of cholesterol. […]
One of my all time favourite meals has to be risotto – I’m a huge lover of rice-based dishes; sweet or savoury, and have recently (unintentionally) converted my better half from feeling indifferent about the stuff to now often favouring it over pasta. So if you’re also in the mood for some nutrient-dense comfort food, you’re in the right […]
Cheesecake is my ride or die when it comes to desserts and I honestly would have said there wasn’t a better after dinner treat, until I discovered the cheese-free version. It’s just as, (if not more) decadent than any other cheesecake I’ve tried…and requires minimal effort – so if you are as terrible at baking […]
Isn’t soup just the perfect thing to eat when you’re feeling run down, tired (and too lazy to chew)? If your mood is like a grey winter’s afternoon then perhaps this will work for you too – or maybe you should order a vegan pizza; both work. Kale And Root Soup Serves 6-8 INGREDIENTS – 6 […]
It’s a common misconception that A) plants don’t have protein and, B) because of this vegans and vegetarians are protein deficient. Needless to say, this is not true & many plants have full amino acid profiles (sweet potato being king here) – this recipe is a perfect example of that; packing in a whopping 60% […]
My favourite chocolate bar as a kid was either Snickers or Bounty – I LOVE  a Bounty.. Not everyone is a fan of coconut, but those people are just plain wrong. Since my mid-teens I have grown out of my sweet tooth and rarely crave desserts or sugary snacks – but when I do, this […]
Pasta is the epitome of comfort food and the ‘balance’ of be heavy carbs and cheese is just what’s required when you’re having one of those days….and that’s exactly what I have for you; a delicious smokey (optional) cheese lasagna with a tofu ricotta stuffing. As a side note, I must tell you that the […]
You know you’ve made it as an adult when no one stops you eating ice cream for breakfast – Ironically as you get older you become more aware of the health implications that come with such decisions. Thankfully, some sweet-toothed genius came up with a healthy alternative making it a perfectly acceptable option every day.. Here is a simple recipe for […]