Forager Project's New Vegan Chips
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Bay-area-based Forager Project is no ordinary food and beverage company. What started with cold-pressed juice in 2013 out of a belief that organic, plant-based, dairy-free products could be delicious, made from clean ingredients, and better for people and the planet, has turned into a nascent vegan empire replete with cashew milk, yogurt, probiotic smoothies, shakes, and it’s chipped, made with upcycled juice pulp.

The company takes the pulp from its fresh-pressed juices – essentially eliminating food waste from its juice production — and turns them into delicious corn and gluten-free chips that taste just like traditional tortilla-based chips. It’s now expanding its snack line to meet the growing demand for more plant-based foods with Chipotle BBQ Greens, Cheezy Greens, and Wasabi Greens.

“Waste is a matter of perspective,” co-founder Stephen Williamson said in a statement. “We had all of this lovely, organic vegetable pulp that we were composting, and thought, there has got to be a better way. We’re as interested in creating healthy, plant-based foods as we are in mitigating our impact on the planet.”

The Chipotle BBQ delivers a subtle smoky heat – an “elevated BBQ chip with a kick,” the company says. Cheezy Greens is loaded with nutritional yeast for a cheesy but dairy-free flavor, and Wasabi Greens will give you that bold pick-me-up whenever you need an enlightened snack.

The 5oz bags are available in stores across the US and retail for $3.99.