Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch is Selling Magical Vegan Gift Hampers for the Holidays

No matter what holiday you celebrate this season — or whether you don’t celebrate anything at all — we could all use a little magic in our lives. And few know more about magic than Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch. To honor the holidays and the spirit of goodwill, Lynch teamed up with PETA’s youth team, peta2, and created a vegan hamper.

Each hamper is filled with delicious treats like vegan chocolate frogs and a vegan almond butter caramel cup. There are also collectibles like a special Magic Vegan t-shirt and a PETA bunny necklace.

These enchanting offerings are proof of magic—vegan magic,” says Lynch. “My friends at PETA and I encourage everyone to cast a compassionate spell for animals this holiday season by eating and shopping vegan.”

Lynch has become a strong advocate for veganism and animal rights. This year she even launched The ChickPeeps, a podcast dedicated to open and warm conversation about veganism. Through the podcast, she hopes potential vegans will find answers to their questions, and also hopes, for herself, that she finds answers to some of the questions that even she still has.

The hampers are available for $59.99 in the PETA Catalog. Get them now, before they disappear.