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If you’ve ever eaten meat in your life, chances are you’ve had, or run into, SPAM… the meat in the blue can. The product, which has been around since 1937, has made itself a mainstay in the food market and is, arguably, one of the pride and joys of the brand behind it, Hormel. In […]
The egg, meat, and dairy industry would like people to think that vegan products are niche, that they don’t sell well. However, a recent report (with quite a lengthy title) called “Egg Replacement Ingredients Market – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts to 2022” projects egg replacements (vegan eggs) will achieve a compound annual growth rate of […]
Could science be revolutionising the global food system? Recent reports have documented lab-grown ‘meats’ and Real Vegan Cheese made from lab ‘milk’ but now, global bioscience company Chr. Hansen has developed cultures for vegan dairy alternatives. Vegan yogurt that tastes like the ‘real thing’ could soon be possible as Chr. Hansen is renowned for their development of […]
The demand for vegan-friendly options is ever-increasing. Mainstream grocery store shelves are now stocking products such as plant milks and dairy-free cheese, and are soon to even have lab-grown ‘meat’. However, while some products available in the plant based marketplace are strikingly believable as replacements for their animal-based original – many consumers believe firmly that nothing […]
Mendocino Farms have recently released the ‘Rescued Vegetable Burger’, and it might be the most sustainable burger you’ve ever eaten. The plant based burger is made from repurposed juice pulp. The Mendocino team got their inspiration for the product from Blue Hill’s. Blue Hill’s in London, run a the WastED initiative which aims to cut […]
Persistence Market Research has just released its new research report, “Plant-Based Proteins Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Forecast (2017-2025)”  which has delved into understanding of the global plant-based proteins market. The market can be understood by splitting it into areas, including soy protein, wheat protein and pea protein; by form (such as isolate and concentrate); by application […]
A fully vegan, superfood cafe has been named as the first home of a dedicated hologram theater. FilmOn’s Hologram USA Networks Inc. which is set to open at Alchemy on Hollywood Boulevard will be ‘the first dedicated hologram theater in the world.’ Alchemy will provide cinema snacks such as vegan shakes and popcorn to viewers. […]
“Imagine eating fish … that isn’t really fish.” A recent press report revealed that Impossible Foods, creators of the innovative plant based “Impossible Burger” are potentially venturing into a new realm of vegan alternatives; this time with the hopes to replicate fish with plant based ingredients. Biochemist and CEO Pat Brown, said that the company is […]