Greta Thunberg and Jaden Smith Urge New York Climate Strikers to ‘Heal the World’
Greta Thunberg and Jaden Smith Urge New York Climate Strikers to ‘Heal the World’ | Getty
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Updated July 13, 2019. Jaden Smith just launched a vegan food truck to feed the homeless.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur opened the food truck yesterday in Skid Row, an area in Downtown LA with one of the largest populations of homeless people in the U.S.

“@ILoveYouRestaurant Is A Movement That Is All About Giving People What They Deserve, Healthy, Vegan Food For Free,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “Today We Launched Our First One Day Food Truck Pop-Up in Downtown LA.”

About ‘I Love You’

An accompanying video shows people handing out paper bags of plant-based food to a long line outside the truck.

The I Love You Restaurant Instagram, which has already gained more than 40,000 followers, shows that the food truck handed out vegan bowls made with dark leafy greens, sweet potato, black beans, and grains. People are praising the food truck’s mission, offering to volunteer or inquiring about starting a local branch.

Jaden Smith Just Launched a Vegan Food Truck for the Homeless
Jaden Smith launched his vegan food truck charity one day before his birthday | image/Instagram

Smith, who follows a vegan diet, launched I Love You Restaurant to offer healthy food to those in need. A growing number of studies shows that a whole food, plant-based diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat, capable of lowering one’s risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and certain forms of cancer.

Smith has not announced when the next I Love You Restaurant pop-up will happen, but wrote on Instagram: “Keep A Look Out Because This Is The First Of Many.”

Serving Vegan Food to Vulnerable People

Smith isn’t alone in his mission to help vulnerable people access healthy plant-based food. Chillis on Wheels is committed to supplying plant-based meals to those in need.

The organization works across the U.S., advocating kindness, acceptance, empathy, and respect, “regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, ability, ethnicity, class, circumstance, environment, level of addiction, or species.”

Since it started in 2014, it has supplied more than 38,000 vegan meals to those in need, in 10 chapters across the country. Among other services, it also holds workshops, clothing drives, and offers mentorship to adults and children. It also provides vegan dog food if needed.

“Chillis on Wheels believes that an empowered community is key in dismantling systematic inequalities that prevent veganism from being attainable by poor and low-income communities,” the organization notes on its website. “Through our networks of support, we’re collectively building alternate systems to make veganism accessible to the areas that we serve.”

Jaden Smith & Charity

Like Chillis on Wheels, Smith has a track record of doing good for others.

Last March, Smith’s eco-friendly company JUST Water partnered with a local church in Flint, Michigan to aid in the water crisis that has been ongoing since April 2014, when the city’s water source was switched from the Detroit River to the Flint River. JUST Water donated a mobile treatment system called the “Water Box,” which filters out contaminants such as lead.

“This has been one of the most rewarding and educational experiences for me personally,” Smith said in a statement. “Working together with people in the community experiencing the problems and design(ing) something to help them has been a journey I will never forget. We are planning to deploy more water boxes in Flint and other communities facing similar challenges.”

Prior to that, Smith had donated more than 10,000 cartons of JUST Water to local schools.

The “Again” rapper is also passionate about the environment and believes that younger generations have the power to make a positive impact. Speaking to Buzzfeed in February 2018, he said: “I feel like the younger generations do care more about the planet than the other generations. There’s more information coming out on a daily basis about the effect that climate change has on all of us.”

Jaden Smith Just Launched a Vegan Food Truck for the Homeless
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Jaden Smith Just Launched a Vegan Food Truck for the Homeless
Jaden Smith just launched I Love You Restaurant, a vegan food truck charity that feeds the homeless healthy plant-based food for free.
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