American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo, now joins the growing list of celebrities adopting a plant based diet.

“Yeah, so I’m vegan now,” said Derulo in an exclusive video interview with Men’sHealth. The fit-conscious celebrity who has experienced weight issues in the past tells the men’s wellness publication “I feel lighter. I feel healthier. My eyeballs are super-white.”

Derulo’s brighter eyes and could be put down to the fact he’s not only opted for a vegan diet, but an optimal whole foods plant based one which is packed full of nutrient dense vegetables. In the interview he goes into detail about some of his favorite vegan foods and what he does to kick cravings.

“You really need to have a bunch of greens and … things you enjoy as well. Spinach is something I could eat consistently … and mushrooms, and vegetable soup. I love lentils. I love all the different things you can do with jackfruit. And tofu … [when] I need something that tastes like a chicken nugget or something…”

Jason even comments about how easy it is to find vegan food “it’s incredible” he said, before admitting he’s a fan of ethical vegan celebrity Liam Hemsworth.

Derulo’s new plant based diet is likely just that though – a diet which he has adopted in a bid to enhance his workouts through better quality protein sources or to maybe obtain a leaner physique.

In the past Derulo has been condemned by fans for wearing fur, much like fellow new plant based eater Kylie Jenner. Whilst some may feel his claim about going vegan is hypocritical, it’s important to acknowledge his step toward veganism and the influence it could have on his some 4 million followers. And who knows – if he’s welcomed by the vegan community rather than shamed, perhaps this could turn into a journey of more ethical consumerism in fashion too.

Image Credit: Gazette Review


Jodi Monelle Founder & CEO, LIVEKINDLY |

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