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Vegan actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith is hoping one day a rich investor will open up a real-life version of the fictional fast food joint “Mooby’s” featured in Smith’s films.

The restaurant features in a number of Smith’s films, including the movie he’s currently making, “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.” According to Comicbook, Mooby’s has turned into somewhat of an icon in its own right, and a “beloved part of the Smith Cinematic Universe.” 

“The first time we went to a Mooby’s was Dogma,” Smith told Comicbook. “Second time we went to Mooby’s was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, third time we went to a Mooby’s we stayed there with Clerks 2 the whole movie, and now we’re going back to a new Mooby’s.”

Unlike in the films, though, the director hopes a real-life version of the restaurant would only serve vegan food. “I’m [hoping] that one day, one day, some like rich investor’s just like, ‘I would like to open a Mooby’s.’ Like, awe, could you imagine?” He asked. “He would have to be vegan, though.

The director loves a bit of vegan junk food, even once driving 3 hours to his nearest Veggie Grill while filming “Supergirl” for CW in Vancouver. He also stocks his fridge with plant-based “bleeding” Beyond Burgers. In fact, he enjoys the patties so much, he hopes the Beyond Burger would be on the menu at the vegan version of Mooby’s.

“That’d be the irony,”
he continued. “Big cow on the billboard … and people are like, ‘Where are your burgers?’ I’m like, ‘They’re beyond burgers…”

Kevin Smith’s Vegan Journey

Smith has just celebrated one year of being vegan. He decided to change his diet after surviving a serious heart attack, which left him fighting for his life in hospital. Since then, he’s become a keen advocate for plant-based living for health reasons, but he has also discovered ethical veganism and often stands up for animal rights.

Before Thanksgiving last year he appeared in a video for Farm Sanctuary, asking people to consider avoiding turkey over the holiday season.

He said in the video, “You’re always told by older people it’s OK to eat animals, we’re supposed to eat animals. And, you know, for a long time, that’s what my generation believed. Now we know a lot better.”

Kevin Smith Wants a Rich Investor to Open a Vegan ‘Mooby’s’
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Kevin Smith Wants a Rich Investor to Open a Vegan ‘Mooby’s’
Kevin Smith, who follows a vegan diet, thinks it's about time a rich investor opened up a real-life version of "Mooby's," the fast food joint in his films.
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