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Vegan food products have been making headlines a lot recently, from ‘bleeding’ burgers to ‘cheesy’ pizzas, but is vegan makeup the next big thing? Makeup is not something that immediately comes to mind when talking about veganism or vegetarianism, most people are concerned with diet. But some cosmetics companies still test on animals, which doesn’t […]
New York Fashion Week is almost upon us! Where the hottest, latest and trendiest designers ‘strut their stuff.’ This event sparks change in the current fashion industry by debuting innovative new designs, sometimes-questionable products and creative ways to wear clothing. NYFW is where every blogger, fashionista and influencer wants to be. In light of Winter/Spring New […]
Every day your face gets dirty, really dirty. Sunscreen, cosmetics, pollutants, bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, plus…an accelerated aging process thanks to pollution. While it’s often tempting to go straight to bed, a proper washing not only saves your pillowcase, it also allows your skin’s natural repair process to take place. These 5 vegan and […]
Not only is the vegan food industry growing substantially, the cruelty-free beauty and cosmetic marketplace is also taking off! Many people believe that choosing to only buy cruelty-free and ethically produced products comes hand-in-hand with veganism, as the lifestyle aims to reduce the suffering of living beings. However, the term ‘cruelty-free’ only means that the […]