Image of the new oat milk-based vegan Santa chocolate bar from Lindt on a blue background with snowflakes.
Will you try the new Lindt oat milk-based chocolate Santa? | Product image: Lindt

Lindt’s Oat Milk Santa Hits Stores This Holiday Season

Chocolate fans can expect an oat milk-based Santa from Lindt this Christmas, following the same recipe as the company's hit vegan bars.

Lindt just announced that an oat milk Santa is on his way.

The world-famous Swiss chocolatier will launch the vegan chocolate figure ahead of this year’s holiday season. Lindt’s modernized oat milk Santa features a fresh green uniform, a mobile phone, sunglasses, and even headphones.

The company’s dairy milk original is popular in Europe and the UK throughout Christmas and new year, and the vegan version is sure to be a hit with dairy-free friends and family.

Lindt’s oat milk chocolate Santa will launch under its HELLO confectionary brand, which showcases innovative new flavors and blends.

This includes last year’s well-received trio of vegan milk chocolate bars, available in Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, and Cookie flavor, each one made using a combination of oat milk and almond paste in place of dairy. It’s likely the new oat milk Santas will also follow this same vegan Lindt recipe.

Lindt Santas and oat milk chocolate

Oat milk is increasingly the go-to ingredient for serious chocolate makers. It’s sustainable, dairy-free, and gives confectionery the sought-after creamy flavor of traditional milk. Brands such as Endangered Species Chocolate, Land, Pump Street, Raaka, MAST, and even James Cadbury’s Happiness in Plants (HiP) have all introduced oat milk-based chocolate products.

It’s also been rumored for some time that Cadbury itself is working on a vegan dairy milk bar, but so far nothing is confirmed. And just last month, the Cadbury-owned and ‘accidentally vegan’ staple brand Bournville announced that it would be adding milk powder to all of its products, disappointing dairy-free and dark chocolate dedicatees nationwide.

Fortunately, plenty of other branded and private label dark chocolate remains vegan-friendly, including several Lindt bars and everything in its 70, 85, 90, and 99 percent cocoa Excellence range.

There are also several vegan chocolate Santas already available in supermarkets, including Original and White Chocolate versions (and a snowman) from Moo Free, a dark chocolate version from D&D, one from Rosengarten, and one from plant-based pioneers Plamil.

While Lindt’s oat milk Santas are not yet available to purchase, their distinctive green packaging has been shared by plant-based bloggers including Vegan Food UK. It’s also not yet clear where the vegan chocolate Santa will launch first, and prospective customers should note that Lindt introduced its HELLO oat milk bars in the EU several months before the UK.

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