Long gone are the days of cheap, rubbery pleather! The demand for “beast-free” fashion is noticeably on the up; from veggie friendly Doc Martens to beautifully crafted wallets and designer handbags – vegans no longer have to compromise their ethics for personal style (and animals can wear their skin as nature intended – win/win!)

“So where can I get my hands on some!?”  we hear you cry.

Whilst consumer demand is rising, merchants are certainly still playing catch-up and finding high-quality leather can take a little bit of research… so (in the name of living kindly) we’ve done it for you.


Top 12 Luxurious Vegan Leather Brands


Stylish, high quality vegan products built to last.
Using a high quality leather replacement material, Doshi proudly identify as an ethical vegan company. Their product range brags beautiful backpacks, belts, briefcases and handbags with future plans to launch a line of vegan friendly footwear.
Doshi is also PETA approved so you can be confident that your purchase is 100% animal-free.

Featured: Lux Ribbed Backpack | Vegan Leather
$159 USD


“Blending true sustainability with luxury”
Nicora Shoes are a female owned and operated, vegan and environmentally conscious footwear brand. Their gorgeous shoes (available for both men and women) are made from quality materials and range from sandals to boots, mules, flats and sandals.
If you’re looking for a good suede replacement, you are in the right place!

Featured: Abbey Chukka Boot | Gray | Vegan Suede
$205 USD


Motivated by a dream to bridge the gap between every day people and ethical vegan shoes, Will’s are focused on producing fashionable and fairly priced footwear. Their beautiful designs are consistently on-trend and on par to the ‘real thing’ when it comes to texture and aesthetic.
From suede sandals and cute-to-boot kids wear to leather-like dress shoes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Featured: Huarache Footbeds | Black & White | Vegan Suede
$87 USD


Meaning ‘ethical’ in French, Ethique 212 have pledged to using entirely animal-free materials to produce their designer bags and accessories. Committed to being environmentally and ethically responsible, they recycle all of their waste and employ ethical business practices throughout their company.
E212 stock a wide selection of vegan alternatives, and being from NYC they certainly haven’t skipped on taste

Featured: The Envelope Clutch Luxe | Honey | Vegan Python Skin
$68 USD


A luxury designer handbag brand created on the foundation of “kindness, values and love”. Angela Roi offer ethical artisan bags made with durable, high quality fabrics.
In addition to being completely vegan, AR actively stand against child labor and strive to produce their bags with  environmentally sustainable business practices.

Featured: Olivia E Wallet | Dusty Rose | Vegan Leather
$110 USD


UK based, cruelty free footwear company, loved by trend setter Natalie Portman (and thousands of other just-as-important people).  No humans, animals or children harmed in the making of their shoes!
Beyond Skin show that ethical fashion is possible by endeavouring to reduce their carbon footprint and end industry exploitation without compromising on style. What more could we ask for?

Featured: Bee Slippers | Italian Vegan Suede
$175 USD


Designed in Los Angeles, UE offer a collection of lux vegan leather handbags, purses, clutches, wallets and accessories. Urban Expressions was founded by conscious entrepreneurs who wanted to “revolutionize the industry with chic animal-friendly handbags that meet the needs of the everyday woman”.
All Urban Expressions products are certified by Vegan.org and PETA

Featured: Carson | Olive | Vegan Leather
$95 USD


“The Premier Sustainable and Vegan Accessories brand”, Wilby pride themselves in using organic and eco friendly materials such as organic cotton and lining, recyclable cloth, eco friendly backing and cork leather.
In an effort to operate with kindness, Wilby are 100% animal free, environmentally friendly and PETA approved for your peace of mind.

Featured: Pink Bailey Saddle | Vegan Cork Leather
$101 USD


Embracing a ‘slow-fashion’ production model in an effort to steer away from the damaging affects of its fast paced counterpart, Brave GentleMan invest in sustainable innovation, ‘superior’ vegan materials, ethical labor and classic styles made with quality.
BGM have an exceptional range of ethical menswear including pants, shoes, suits and accessories.
“Ethical fashion is not an aesthetic, its a methodology”

Featured: Visionary Boot | Black | Vegan Suede
$299 USD


Shrimps are primarily a faux fur fashion label, using carefully sourced fabrics that emphasise colour and texture.
Keeping clothes playful, Shrimps offer a combination unique, fun and forward thinking fashion. Check out their range of kitsch and quirky outerwear and cute accessories!

Featured: Taffy Biker Jacket | Vegan Leather & Fur
$315 USD


Rock your leather look the Lulus way in animal friendly, fashion-forward vegan shoes and apparel. If you’re looking for fashion with a conscience, Lulus boast a huge range of ethical apparel and footwear, from stretchy faux leather pants to suede mules and furry pom pom keychains.

Featured: Sidecar Cutie | Taupe | Vegan Suede
$31 USD


Cruelty-free. Sweatshop-free. Based in New York, GUNAS is an independent, fashion label with a cause. Their mission? Simple: “High fashion; Zero cruelty”.
GUNAS have amazing styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, wallets and backpacks (a bag to suit your every mood and lifestyle need).

Featured: Naomi | Gray | Vegan Leather
$145 USD