Magnum Has Now Launched Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream
There are now three vegan Magnum ice cream flavors.

Magnum has launched vegan Sea Salt Caramel Bars in the U.S.

The new nondairy ice cream bars join the Unilever-owned brand’s two other vegan options: Non-Dairy Classic and Non-Dairy Almond.

According to a press release, the Non-Dairy Sea Salt Caramel Bars “deliver indulgent taste with a non-dairy sea salt caramel base dipped in a cracking non-dairy chocolate shell.” The product is certified vegan by Vegan Action.

Leslie Miller, Magnum’s Director of Marketing, Ice Cream North America, says the brand is “obsessed with delivering a next-level bite.” She stated: “caramel is Magnum’s most popular ice cream flavor in dairy bars and tubs, so it’s exciting to bring it to market in an equally delicious Non-Dairy Bar.”

What Is Vegan Ice Cream Made From?
Magnum also offers Non-Dairy Classic ice cream.  

‘One of the Biggest Trends in the World’

Magnum is not the only ice cream brand to offer more dairy-free options. Earlier this year, Ben & Jerry’s launched three new vegan flavors: Milk” & Cookies, Crème Brûlée Cookie, and Mint Chocolate Cookie. The Vermont-based ice cream giant now offers 15 dairy-free options.

“Plant-based eating is one of the biggest trends in the world,” said CEO Matthew McCarthy in a statement. “Ice cream lovers everywhere have shouted for non-dairy/vegan options that rise to the levels of Ben & Jerry’s euphoric awesomeness.”

Other major players in the ice cream market, like Häagen-Dasz and Halo Top, also offer vegan options.

Is Dairy Struggling?

In the U.S., the dairy industry seems to be suffering. In 2019, more than 3200 dairy farms shut down. West Virginia’s dairy farms declined 23 percent. Arkansas, Tennessee, and South Carolina saw a decline of 20 percent. Not a single state reported an increase in dairy farm numbers last year, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Some major dairy companies, like Dean Foods and Borden, have filed for bankruptcy.

According to data from the Good Food Institute, a nonprofit that promotes vegan versions of animal products, the dairy alternatives market is now worth $1.2 billion. The data, released last summer, noted that the vegan ice cream and frozen novelty category is worth more than $300 million.

The vegan milk market, which is not included in the “dairy alternatives” data, is worth more than $1.8 billion.