Beyond Meat‘s popular vegan Beyond Burger will be launching at A&W on July 9th. The fast-food restaurant chain with more than 1,200 locations is known for its root beer floats and meat-based burgers.

While the company has not made an official announcement, a photograph posted online of an internal company roadmap shows the launch timeline for A&Ws in Canada, where more than 850 of its restaurants are located. “July 9th. Beyond Meat Launch. Time to switch into high gear,” the document noted. It’s not clear whether the burgers will launch in US locations as well.

A&W currently offers a vegan burger option by removing the sauce and cheese from its veggie burger and swapping out the conventional bun for a gluten-free one. The addition of the Beyond Burger would be the first vegan burger officially offered by the chain.

The Beyond Burger is said to look, cook, and taste like a conventional meat patty, even appearing to “bleed” like meat due to the color offered by beets. The meaty burger contains no cholesterol and nearly half the saturated fat of beef. It boasts 20 grams of protein and uses no GMO ingredients, soy, or gluten.

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“We believe there is a better way to feed the planet,” Beyond Meat wrote on its website, “Our mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein.”

A&W isn’t the first meat-based venue to stock the vegan burger. In fact, Beyond Meat has been targeting meat-heavy chains including Bareburger restaurants, Luna Grill, and at nearly 500 TGI Fridays locations in the US. According to Beyond Meat, 70 percent of people purchasing the Beyond Burger are meat-eaters.

Beyond Meat requires supermarkets selling the burgers to merchandise them alongside the meat counters in order to target omnivores seeking to expand their protein options. Stores may offer secondary placement, such as in dedicated vegan meat sets, but only if they include the meat counter placement.

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The move has proved to be effective; Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat’s founder and CEO, recently said the Beyond Burger was outselling beef in this setting — over a five-week period, one Southern California supermarket chain saw sales of the Beyond Burger beat out all ground beef options.

The A&W launch is part of Beyond Meat’s global expansion plans announced earlier this spring. The plant meat company, which also recently launched a line of vegan sausages, says it’s working on distribution in 50 countries. Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain is expected to launch the Beyond Burger in August.

Image Credit: Beyond Meat