Tyson Foods VP Wants to ‘Disrupt’ the Meat Industry With ‘Clean Meat'
Writer and Editor | Newcastle, Australia | Contactable via: jemima@livekindly.co

Major meat packer Tyson Foods has announced an innovative move that strays far from its usual pursuits.

A recent report by Food Bev Media revealed that the traditionally meat-heavy Tyson Foods is set to release ‘Green Street,’ a “new brand in the ready-to-eat meal market.” Reportedly, Green Street will offer “protein-rich” plant-based meal bowls.

The launch is an effort to adapt to “changing consumer demands,” the report explains. The consumer habits of the public have experienced a shift as of late; almost 30% of meals in the UK are now meat-free. An additional 30% of people have revealed they would like to ditch cheese and cow’s milk in 2018, as rates of veganism reach record highs.

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Tom Hayes, president and CEO of Tyson Foods, said, “Consumers expect more from food companies today, and we’re up for the challenge.”

Hayes continued, “We’re combining our size and scale with agility to make food people want to eat. That’s driving our business and helping us deliver top-tier returns for shareholders.”

Tyson Foods is not the only non-vegan company shifting its attention away from meat. McDonald’s and Dominos both recently added vegan options to their traditionally meat-based menus and both ventures yielded successful results. Further, data suggests that retailers who don’t make efforts to cater to the growing vegan market may be missing out on sales.

The Vegan Beyond Meat Burger is Heading to the Meat Alternative Capital of the World

This is not the first time Tyson Foods has expressed interest in the future of vegan protein. The company recently invested in both Beyond Meat and Memphis Meats, two of the leading plant-based meat alternative companies. Hayes revealed that he is “very excited” about plant-based protein. Additionally, Hayes named vegan alternatives as “an affordable, sustainable technology to leverage to help feed the world on a sustainable basis.”

Despite Tyson’s reputation as a major meat producer, the new Green Street line suggests that the company is evolving.