British actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays ‘Missandei’ on hit HBO fantasy television show Game of Thrones has been a proud vegan all along!

Who knew, that while we binged on Game Of Thrones, the actress and Speedo ambassador who plays star character dubbed ‘Khaleesi’s fit mate’ thrives on a plant based lifestyle, which she adopted four years ago! Nathalie is quite the budding athlete too with a pretty hardcore fitness regime which includes yoga, distance swimming, boxing and running. Phew – that’s just exhausting to read!

Emmanuel proves that you don’t need animal products to re-fuel or sustain a gruelling workout, and claims that her favourite post-workout meals are simply “Quinoa, greens, veggies and beans, simple and packed with natural proteins.”

Nathalie also loves a good protein shake – plant-based protein that is “I’ll make something that’s packed with calories. I’ll put a banana in it, a bit of almond milk or coconut water, spinach. I also like a bit of matcha powder in there – all of that fun stuff! Add a bit of vegan protein powder and that would be my shake.”

But don’t let this fool you; she’s not all salads and pea green soups. Emmanuel’s Instagram account reveals she’s also got a bit of a sweet tooth. Cookie dough thick shake anyone?

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Nathalie isn’t afraid to get stuck in with kitchen duties either – amidst her feed of selfies and modelling shots, she also includes some of her own unique cookery-creations such as tofu and jackfruit scramble with avocado. Talk about vegan trifecta!

Known in GOT as trusted multilingual adviser to Daenerys Targaryen and the love interest of Greyworm, could the next big thing Emmanuel is reputed for be her culinary skills? We think yes!

Certainly if her homemade granola is anything to go by!

Spreading healthy vegan vibes to her giant 2 million followers, we simply can’t not love her!

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Ultimately though, with the latest Game of Thrones season well under way, we’re just happy to have Nathalie gracing our screens once again – even if it is a bit raunchy!