New Documentary 'A Prayer For Compassion' Explores the Spiritual Side of Being Vegan
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New vegan documentary “A Prayer for Compassion” looks at the spirituality involved in living a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle, aiming to “awaken the inner vegan” in those who are religious or spiritual.

The feature-length film, created by Student Academy Award-winner Thomas Wade Jackson, is set to be screened this month at the National Vegetarian Museum in Chicago. The documentary’s producer, author Victoria Moran, will attend the event and take part in a Q&A after the screening. Moran, a vegan of more than thirty years, is the author of popular book “Main Street Vegan,” which guides people on how to go vegan.

In the film, Jackson travels across America, eventually landing in Morocco for the UN Climate Conference, before traveling across the Indian subcontinent. Along his journey, he questions the connection between compassion for non-human animals and religion and spirituality.

“Can compassion grow to include all beings?” Jackson questions, also asking whether those who identify as spiritual or religious can “embrace the call” to welcome non-human beings into their “circle of respect and caring and love.”

The film’s trailer shows different people from various faiths speaking about the almost contradictory nature of supporting meat and dairy industries, and living a life of compassion. “How can we expect ourselves to have lives of joy and freedom and spiritual clarity when we are sowing the seeds of the opposite of that?” said one interviewee.

Another speaker mused on the heavy cost of consuming animal-based foods. “So for a few moments, in which we’re enjoying what is really just a palette reference, we’re taking what is most essential to animals. Their very lives. And that is the opposite of compassion,” they said.

“A Prayer for Compassion” isn’t the first documentary to find connections between vegan living and faith. A short film, called “ANIMA: Animals. Faith. Compassion.“, has a similar trajectory. Featuring speakers from 12 faiths, the film challenges traditions and misconceptions about religion and animal consumption.

“A Prayer for Compassion” will be screened on November 10. For more information, see here.

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New Documentary 'A Prayer For Compassion' Explores the Spiritual Side of Being Vegan
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New Documentary 'A Prayer For Compassion' Explores the Spiritual Side of Being Vegan
A new vegan documentary, called "A Prayer for Compassion," explores the ties between veganism and religion and spirituality.
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