New Vegan Chinese Restaurant Opens in London

New Vegan Chinese Restaurant Opens in London
 A new Vegan Chinese pop-up restaurant, Mao Chow, is open for business inside the Pamela cocktail bar in London for a residency until at least 2019.The new vegan restaurant will bring a signature menu of what it calls “completely inauthentic Chinese food,” featuring dishes including Sweet Silken Tofu smoked with kumquat, ginger syrup, and viola flowers; Dan Dan Noodles with ground “pork”, half “egg”, and pak choi; “Pork” and chive dumplings; a smoked “beef” jerky fried rice with celery, brussels sprouts, and fresh herbs; and a cumin spiced “lamb” burger with xian pickles and coriander. Diners can also order specialty drinks from Pamela.New Vegan Chinese Restaurant Opens in London

Mao Chow’s take on Chinese food builds on the growing plant-based dining trend in London and across the globe. Chinese food is typically vegetable-forward but Western tastes have pushed many outfits to offer more meat-based dishes in recent years. While Mao Chow takes a traditionally Western approach to Chinese food with rich sauces and spices, the menu is also simple — only nine items with some as simple as daikon radish with sauce or a simple cucumber salad.

“YO LONDON! We are very excited to announce that we will be in residence at @drinksatpamela starting on January 9th Tuesday – Saturday. Come bathe in chili oil and buy me a shot,” Mao Chow noted on its Instagram feed earlier this month.

The restaurant is open Tuesday-Saturday, 6pm-late night.  Pamela Dalston, 428 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AA.


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