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New Vegan Creme Egg Released in UK For Easter


UK Fudge brand, FabFudge, have announced the release of their brand-new, vegan-friendly, Creme Egg Easter Egg.

Based in the Bristol area, FabFudge have created their new Easter Egg to mimic Cadbury’s popular Creme Egg. However, unlike Cadbury, the FabFudge egg is solid all the way through. You can also purchase the vegan Creme Egg fudge sliced up, if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be Easter time to get your hands on some vegan fudge from the company either. Vegan Cashew & Maple Syrup, Vegan Espresso and Vegan Almande Baileys are just some of the flavours on offer all year round! But don’t panic if you’re not UK based, the company also deliver their fab array of options across the globe.

“With over 40+ different types and flavours of fudge, including vegan friendly, vegetarian, gluten free & alcoholic, we have a wide range of fudge suited for just about everyone, and we’re constantly increasing our range,” the team behind FabFudge stated on their website. “The chocolate we use is only the finest UTZ Certified Belgium Chocolate, therefore when you buy our fudge, you are getting the best chocolate around!”

FabFudge was founded by Jill Marriner, from Bristol, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She started up her fudge making business in order to raise money for treatment that is not available on the NHS. “I am raising money for HSCT (‘bone marrow/stem cell transplant’) which has about an 87% chance of halting my MS,” Marriner stated on her Go Fund Me page. “I have chosen to undertake treatment in Russia, as HSCT is not available on the NHS – it is only in the experimental stage in the UK, but has been used as a standard treatment in Russia for ten years.”

All proceeds from FabFudge will go towards funding Marriner’s treatment in Russia, once the total has been raised, proceeds will go to others who require the same treatment.

Marriner’s target amount to raise is £50,000. At the time of writing, Marriner has reached nearly £30,000 of her goal. You can view her Go Fund Me page, here.

Image Credit: FabFudge | Go Fund Me

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