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Luxury cruise company Oceania has expanded its vegan offerings on board all six of its ships, making it one of the most vegan-friendly cruise lines on the high seas.

Vegan tortilla Espanola with potato, onions, and tofu is on the new breakfast menu, alongside vanilla waffles, pistachio muffins, and vegan link sausages. For lunch, guests can opt for Tuscan-style bean soup, and for dinner, quinoa salad, vegetable tartare, and parsnip soup are all available, followed by shortbread with passionfruit cream for dessert.

Further, on two of Oceania’s ships, the Riviera and the Marina, vegan smoothies and raw-fruit juices are available from specialty bars on the Pool Deck. Customers can opt for a sweet green juice or a cold brew latte, as well as an acai berry or chia cashew yogurt bowl.

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“We are delighted to expand our culinary offerings to please an even wider array of palates,” said Bob Binder, President and CEO of Oceania Cruises, to Forbes Magazine. He added, “[We] offer our guests more diverse choices to suit today’s wellness-focused lifestyles.”

Vegan cruises are becoming more popular with travelers. Both Australia and Toronto launched their first ever vegan cruises this year, bound for the Pacific Islands and the Toronto Islands respectively. Even Esther the Wonder Pig (a porcine social media icon) is on board with the new trend. A cruise to benefit the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary with Carnival Cruises departed for the Caribbean in February, a special vegan “Esther-approved” menu was served on board.

Around the world, veganism is soaring in popularity, as people become more aware of animal rights and the risk that animal products pose to the environment and to their health. Leading travel companies, like Oceania, have taken this into consideration. In early June, it was reported that the world’s largest group travel company Intrepid Travel had launched three new vegan food tours in India, Italy, and in Thailand.

As a responsible travel company that values purpose initiatives and sustainability in all aspects, we feel it’s important to encourage and celebrate vegan cultures and practices around the world as one way responsible travelers can help save our planet,” said Leigh Barnes, Chief Purpose Officer for Intrepid Travel.

Image Credit: Oceania Cruises