About us

Kindness is simple. It’s our true nature. We’re firm believers in being the change we want to see in this world. For humanity, our home, and those who share it with us, we’re creating new, better, and kinder choices to help us all LIVEKINDLY.

Our team

  • Jodi Monelle

    CEO / Founder

  • Andrew Llarenas

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Heather Wood Rudulph

    Director of Editorial

  • Eric Slatkin

    Director of Content

  • Luke Newland

    Director of Technology

  • Saranne Wentholt

    Operations Coordinator

  • Kat Smith

    Managing Editor

  • Charlotte Pointing

    Senior Editor

  • Liam Pritchett

    Staff Writer

  • Audrey Enjoli

    Staff Writer

  • Jenna Hughes

    Senior Social Media Manager

  • Robin Pieterse

    Senior Illustrator

  • Tim van Dijk

    Visual Designer / Illustrator

  • Laura Bossy

    Senior Video Editor

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