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The Vegan Garden opened this month in Budapest’s Rácskert Garden as a permanent summer home for plant-based focused street food trucks. The garden is the first of its kind in Hungary’s capital.

Tourism website, We Love Budapest, reports that food options in the garden include dairy-free ice-cream, heart-shaped pizza, Mexican ‘chili non carne’, seitan kebabs, chickpea burgers, brownies, and more.

The long-established Rácskert Bar in the area is also joining the vegan initiative, with a new focus on sustainable lifestyle. The bar now uses recyclable glasses made of plant material and has a vegan drinks menu. In addition, food waste from the trucks is being delivered to a nearby community garden for composting, and information boards have been posted around the garden about environmental protection.

In an interview with vegan media outlet VeganOrigo, the co-founder of Vegan Garden, Márton Nagy, explained that the motivation for Vegan Garden came from the idea of creating a place to find versatile vegan street food in a city garden, on the back of the current street food trend. Street food is popular and easily accessible in Budapest, but there are often few vegan offerings.

Nagy went on to say that although the garden is only set to run until October, he is looking into making it long-term and would like to further support environmental and animal causes through themed days and actions, and events where revenue could be donated to relevant charities. There are also thoughts of expanding the garden to include sales of plant-based products other than food and drink, such as cosmetics, clothing, and accessories.

The trend of vegan street food continues to grow, making traditional fast food accessible to all. A food truck in El Paso, Texas called Lick It Up EP, that sells vegan versions of dishes that fuse local and traditional Mexican street food flavors recently discussed its success, and in March this year, restaurant Fancy Radish opened to bring global street eats and flavors to Washington DC.

Image credit: Las Vegan’s | Vegan Street Food Garden