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Robbie Williams has announced that he has adopted a plant-based diet in order to recover from the illness that had stopped him from completing his tour this year.

In a vlog to his fans apologizing for his absence in the latter half of his tour, Williams said ‘Now I am vegan, I do pilates every day, I do yoga every day.’

Many celebrities have been going vegan to improve their health, and the vlog seemed to suggest that it was his new plant-based diet had allowed him to successfully recover from his illness. The musician has not revealed what he was suffering from this Summer, only that after some worrying test results he found himself in ICU.

However, he followed this up with the admission that he has a burger once a week. Williams said ‘I have a really big burger on a Sunday, so I’m not fully that guy,’ leading fans to assume that he indulges in meat at the weekend.

The star didn’t clarify whether his burger was a vegan burger that he considered a cheat meal because it was less healthy than his normal diet, or if in fact, the burger was meat-based.