Who’s sexier than Ryan Gosling? Trick question? No, really. How about vegan Ryan Gosling?

According to animal rights organization Mercy for Animals (MFA), The Gos is a hard-working animal rights activist even when he’s busy filming blockbuster movie hits. And although he hasn’t come out and publicly said he’s vegan, all Notebooks point to whatever the polite Canadian way of saying ‘HELL YES’ is  — especially when you consider how on the down-low he and partner Eva Mendes keep their relationship and family business.

But the smart folks at MFA put it all together – and when you look at all the details, it’s kind of hard to deny.

“From rocking vegan leather and adopting a dog to urging major corporations to improve farmed animal welfare, Ryan is a die-hard animal lover,” writes Joe Loria.

And, says Loria, MFA has “proof” that Gosling making the switch to veganism is only a matter of time – if it hasn’t happened already, citing examples like the vegan leather jacket he wore in “Blade Runner 2049″; his work on behalf of farm animals to improve their welfare (he’s spoken out against gestation crates, battery cages for hens, and dehorning practices).

Not only that, the dad of two, adopted his dog George from a shelter, and spoke about his concern for stray animals at Disneyland. (No, you’re crying!) And he’s even been spotted at the trendiest LA vegan restaurants, like Silverlake’s Flore, known for its tempeh Reuben and brunch waiting line that look like a who’s who in Hipster-vegan-ville. Or should that be La La Vegan Land?

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons